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[Theme] Where can I find the Narrative Story behind the expansions?

< Possible spoiler alert >

Update 1.0:
The narrative drive / theme can be found in the following ways:

  1. Buying the data pack / expansion and reading the inserts that are in them.
  2. Reading the transcribed inserts.
  3. Heading to Project Ancur:
  • Selecting a data pack.
  • Click the ‘Show Text’ button next to ‘Flavor Insert’ to show the flavor text.
    Note: I don’t think all the data packs, such as the recent ones, have this option.

Thanks all =)

As I understand it, from the fluff in the core set, 3 hackers hack into Weyland, Jinteki and HB.

However, if I understand correctly, there is a thematic / narrative explanation behind the data packs and deluxe expansions, because I remember reading somewhere about Omar’s relation to the 23 seconds of havoc he created.

Does anybody know what the narrative drive is, or where I can find a time line or explanation?

Thanks a lot,


The only place I’m aware of is the data pack inserts. They have a story/theme running through them in the form of a one page write-up of varying quantity and quality. I’m not aware of any availability outside of the data packs themselves.


Thanks @Millicant =)

The first couple of cycles and deluxes were transcribed here, but yeah, for the rest I think one just has to buy the packs.

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Useful link, thanks. Much appreciated.

Project ANCUR has more of them, I think, though they’re a bit harder to find. They’re on the page for each pack, under “flavour insert.”

Mumbad and Flashpoint were quite story-focussed, but the earlier cycles were a bit more loosely tied together.



I’ve still yet to check it out, but I imagine the Worlds of Android might be of interest to you.

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Good find.

You might also enjoy the Flavor and Fluff category on Stimhack. It’s mostly Running On Italics, a column reviewing individual cards’ flavor. There’s also a couple articles translating the Japanese on various Jinteki cards.

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