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Titan Transnational


I don’t think I’m giving up much by including additional plans. Scoring Atlas is obviously the point, so to have a decent shot at this you need to be able to rush it - hence cheap ETRs. FA pieces are necessary for keeping the atlas train alive. So I would say rush into FA Atlas chain is my plan A.

Decent ICE for classic remote play actually have a good synergy with ToL, since most of them are advanceable, and thus will be included anyway for plan A. Dedicating a single deck slot for GRNDL Refinery to induce runs doesn’t seem like a big cost to pay. Although I think that Reversed Accounts might do the trick better. So I guess that would be plan B.

Including flatline option costs only 3 deck slots and buys you plan C. If I was to cut a plan, I would cut this one. In IHW era going for the kill is often a misplay costing a game anyway. Runner must fear Scorch anyway, unless he is a skilled tournament scout ;).

As you can see I cut those Yale’s to 1, went with one Bootcamp instead - I was so flooded in a couple of games, I figured I could use a 4th Jackson. Bootcamp can also mess with Valencia and search for The Lazy Bum if he is needed once in a blue moon.

The deck is fun to play and I had about 70% win ratio in the league with it, before going on a terrific 0-4 streak…


Yeah, flood can happen when you wait for your FA cards to come and when you spend time advancing ices, rather than scoring agendas in a remote. In rush deck I’m usually scoring agendas as soon as I get them, so flood rarely happens.
Another thing is I believe that Atlastrain is simply inferior than Astrotrain.


While drawing multiple Mark Yale is seldom good, I’ve almost never had trouble with the first one being good.
A very common case is a scored Hostile and then he’s a 1-cost Hedge Fund. Anything beyond that is gravy.


Yes, but it so much better in Blue Sun.


After 10+ games with it I took Titan to SC and made 2nd place with it (only 9 players, but all vets). Snare! + Scorched killed all those less experienced (turn 2 kill included). Against the best players I should’ve dumped the flatline option fast and go for a rush, which helps against agenda flood. I guess I’m not ballsy enough for a rush in high-stakes games. :slight_smile: The best players will probably always play around flatline, even if you dumped it.
Yale is great and makes Hostile Takeover even better, but the runner will probably trash it and it needs to come in a good moment.
Scoring first Atlas is easy, I usually Biotic the second one for the win, with another agenda and Hostile between.
The identity has great potential. I played more standard rush/flatline, but Atlas train with Tricks is also good and made 4th place in the same SC.


How many Keyhole/Siphon spam decks did you face, if any?

Re. the flatline option, i agree the Snares are mostly useless against good players. I would still keep the Scorches, if only to make sure some careless Siphoners get cremated for their hubris.


One - I didn’t know how to deal with it as I played it for the first time and I lost. Right now I’ve put two Wraps for it and I’ll see what happens. Second game I lost was against Switchblade Andy, which is great for Archers. I was too slow and didn’t see the scoring windows I had.
Snares may need a scored False Lead for better players. It’s good for luring runners and it’s also a nice Legwork counter.
Another thing - I played with Housekeeping, but I don’t know if it helped me. I have to ask the runners how they felt about it.


Seems like an early Housekeeping would be great against Switchblade Andy


An early housekeeping is good against anybody.

Think of a pretty standard first 3 or 4 turns for say… Kate. What gets installed?

Ideally a Prepaid, SMC, a breaker, a Parasite and a clone chip. Those are what I always try to get within a few turns, as it’s crucial to put on that early pressure. Plascrete if I’m against Weyland.

Housekeeping effs that whole plan up. What do I exactly throw away in the current prepaid shaper deck? every card is useful, and the ‘once a turn’ part just messes with my Kate ability too. I’ve lost games just due to the extreme pressure of trying to not get screwed by Housekeeping slowing down my runs. In many ways, the ability is far more taxing than even Enhanced Login Protocol if deployed turn 1 or 2.


Since OCTGN is a Weyland extravaganza right now, I’ve had the “pleasure” to play against Housekeeping about 10 games in the past 2 or so days. Here’s what I’ve figured out:

What Housekeeping primarily says is: “Forget about luxury installs, re-evaluate your temporary/one-time solutions”. In a way, the card helps you as the runner to learn to play better - you really, really need to install only the bare minimum of stuff you need to win. If you’re the kind of deck that needs to set up a lot of stuff, you want to be installing in bursts (obviously), but don’t get carried away - just because you won’t pay an extra card for the second install now doesn’t necessarily mean that installing the card is the right thing to do. Maybe it’s better used as Housekeeping fodder for a future turn. I played mostly Anarch in those games, and the way I handled it was running on one Sucker and prioritizing real breakers over Parasiting stuff away. It was somewhat rough (because in a 6-agenda deck, Housekeeping sticks around for quite a bit), but in no way unmanageable.

Which reminds me - Housekeeping really makes those “one ICE solutions” (like, say, Parasite or Faerie) a lot less appealing. Sometimes it still makes sense to use them, because they’re necessary, but in general you should probably be prioritizing a real breaker over them. The more mileage you get out of a particular install, the better - Kati over Daily Casts, etc.

Prepaid Kate has a good advantage in that she only has a handful of installables as part of her econ package (PPVPs, maybe a SoT or two), so you shouldn’t be all that affected economically. If “outmoney them” is still your anti-flatline plan, you can conceivably risk a bit and go under 4 cards to get stuff done, as it isn’t really affected.

Overdrawing is your friend, and Quality Time in particular is amazing - you would draw all those cards anyway, and presumably you’d ditch at least one of them anyway. This way, you just do it two clicks sooner.

Coupled with the Scorched threat (haven’t seen Housekeeping out of Jinteki from anyone else, and I don’t really know how it affected my opponents), Housekeeping means that every turn that includes installing probably needs careful planning and execution on the Runner’s part (because installs become a 2-3 click affair), which helps the Corp predict what they’re going to do.

Shapers seem particularly affected by Housekeeping, because their best tricks include installing stuff to be able to install stuff (SMC, Clone Chip) and/or re-installing stuff (Scavenge, Test Run). Going back to the “bare minimum needed to win” concept, I’d probably skip installing stuff like Clone Chip and SMC (beyond the 1 copy or so needed to get started), using them as fodder. Sure, you lose a bunch of flexibility, but it should be doable. Also, you probably have quite a few duplicates in your deck (console and spare breakers), you can use those for install turns. You might not get full value out of Kate’s discount that way, but just pretend they played a Cerebral Static and you should be fine.


I think the problem with Housekeeping is that it is most effective early but the Current mechanic works better for the corp lategame.

Haven’t had major problems against it so far. As Andromeda just install a burst of 3 or 4 cards and chuck an extra Kati or Desperado. Pretty much the same with Maxx. It’s generally not difficult to score on a corp that has spent resources on Housekeeping early. Since the runner is selecting the discard you’re not taking out anything crucial and it’s difficult to make an efficiency/economy argument. You’d probably need to focus on the scenario where it’s dangeorus for the runner to check a remote, install a breaker, discard, and run again.


Like, say, having an Identity that starts with the word “Jinteki”? :smiley:


I’m really excited for the Chronos Protocol ID: Neural EMP, Power Shutdown and Housekeeping. Good luck trying to establish some kind of decent board state…


we found the real Titan


Well, at least he’s not going to get milled out.


iirc he lost in 3 turns to keyhole. troll got trolled


329 cards is 70 agendas (literally every playable agenda, if you’re Weyland). After mandatory draw and opening hand that’s 70/323 assuming he didn’t draw any. That’s a lot of agendas.

Really, though playing Keyhole against this deck is the real troll. “Okay, I keyhole.” Discard a card. Shuffle. 5 minutes later once that monster is rearranged: “I keyhole again.”


Wanna play my MaxX against that :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’d refuse to play vs that if it was an FFG event. What a dumb joke.


plunk down keyhole, hit it 3 times then call the TO over and get them DQ’ed for delay of game while they’re shuffling. GG