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Top Deck Monthly Cup #1

Week 3 is here! We have 4 players left. The semifinals will kick off tonight at 6pm CDT with Alex @vinegarymink White vs. Jonas @thebigunit3000 Wilson. Abram @TheBigBoy Jopp will be my co-host.


Semifinal video is up!


On the final runner turn versus CTM, I don’t think anyone mentioned the Vamp line. Take 4, go for Vamp, and trash PAD. I can’t think of an ICE that’s gonna keep you out and you’re likely gonna get CTM out of 3-point Beale territory. Even if they Rez a resistor you force a trace then trash PAD. I’m probably missing something. Great games and thanks for the high level content

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay. We tried to coordinate doing the final live at worlds but it proved to be a little too ambitious with everything that was going on. The final between Alex “@vinegarymink” White and Noah “@Nobo715” McKee will be streamed live on Monday November 14th at 6pm CST on Twitch. Hollis “@HEacho” Eacho will be joining me as co-host in addition to a special guest co-host TBD. We will also be announcing the players for Top Deck Monthly Cup #2. As usual, the full cast will be posted to the YouTube channel the next day.


Can all-around good guy Noah McKee reclaim a bit of the USA’s pride? Or will Netrunner’s Most Handsome™ Alex White add insult to injury with another notch on the UK’s belt? Find out Monday on Top Deck!


It’s over folks! You can see the finals here.

Unfortunately we had some issues with disconnections so there isn’t much to watch as far as games go. However there is lots of good commentary about all kind of Netrunner related things from Spags, Hollis, Noah, Alex, and me. Cup 2 will start next week and feature 8 North American players against 8 World players.

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