Top Deck Monthly Cup #3 - VIEWER'S CHOICE

Hello everyone! This month we are going to do something a little different for the player selection. I want the fans to vote on who they want to see! I also want to give everyone a chance to play this time. So here is what you are going to do. If you want to be in Top Deck Monthly Cup #3 you are going to make a video answering the questions below and either send it to me to be posted on the Top Deck YouTube or post it on your own YouTube with the title “YOURONLINENAMEHERE’s Top Deck Monthly Cup #3 Application”. You can do the video any way you like (webcam in your bedroom, go-pro on top of a mountain, walking down the street with your iphone, etc.) It just needs to include the questions and answers and anything else you want to put into it. Get creative if you feel like it. Depending on how many submissions we get, on February 24th I will select either 8 or 16 of the players who’s submissions got the most “likes” on YouTube and the tournament will begin on February 27th. Please note that the tournament is single elimination and will last for 4 weeks total with 1 match per week until you are defeated. Having a webcam for post-game interviews is highly encouraged for those that want to participate. If you upload a video please post it in this thread.

The questions:

What is your name (online name and if you are comfortable your IRL name)?

Where are you from?

How long have you been playing ANR and how did you get into the game?

What’s your favorite faction and why?

Why do you want to be in the Top Deck Monthly Cup?

What other player would you most like to see in Top Deck and why?

Why should people vote for you to be in Top Deck?

Team cat or team dog?

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Top Deck YouTube

Top Deck Twitch



I’m glad this is asking the important questions, how else will I know who to support.

Go Team Dog!

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14 days left to submit. I’m working on some small prizes. Who is the brave person that will be the first?

All right, I’m in.


First submission! Heck ya! Good luck!


And team cat is officially in the lead.

It was pointed out to me that I forgot to say why you should vote for me, so I’ll just add this:

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Well after about 30 takes I came up with … something. Sry for the bad sound and video ^^


So unfortunately we didn’t get the level of interest that I was hoping for.

3 players did videos (thank you @friff14, @gejben, and @Cambro). I’m cancelling the viewers choice tournament in favor of another invite tournament. However, I would like the 3 people that participated in the videos to be a part of Cup #3 if they are interested. I will post an update later this week. Thanks to everyone that made a video, voted, or watched the videos. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.