Top decks atm?

Hi, I’ve been away from the game since just before the last MWL (so whizzard/IG meta). Maybe I just lost my knack for the game, but I seriously can’t find a good runner deck anymore (hyperdriver/proco kate was my mainstay). So after a few packs and a new MWL, what are the current top 3 runner and top 3 corp decks atm?

Decklists would be appreciated, on jinteki a lot atm. Thanks!

netrunnerdb is flush with decks from Worlds. go netdeck your brains out.

Yeah, Worlds just finished this weekend, so there’s a buncha cruncha decks out there. Popular decks on either side included:

Siphon Whizzard (aka Hate Bear)
Temujin Whizzad (aka the deck everyone brought)
Nexus Kate

Controlling the Message, both with and without Bankers
Sync (murder likely)
Engineering the Future (usually a rushier build)


Some good decks that were under represented, but still around in some numbers:

  • Andysucker (Crim Goodstuff w/Temujin+Sucker+Yog)
  • Dyper (CT or Kate DDoS Hyper Driver Keyhole Abuse)

I fully believe that these weren’t at the top or any where near it due to the best players simply picking CtM/SYNC/Whizz in droves.

In support of my theory, there were some rare decks at the top, or near it. These had some good pilots behind them:

  • Quetzal Aggro (Siphon Spam Quetzal w/Obelus)
  • Gramble Scrub (MaxX Fast Setup DLR w/Levy)
  • CI7 (Cerebral Imaging Combo Deck)
  • Val Bullshit (Siphon Blackmail Spam w/Obelus and Rebirth)
  • NEH BOOM! Combo (24/7 Power Shutdown Diagnostics w/BOOM!)

Smoke is also set to be pretty hot, but there doesn’t seem to be a settled list at the moment.

It’s a bit hard to know though, as the argument is a bit circular. Why did the best players pick Whizzard over Andy? Because they thought it was the best deck…

I’d agree Dyper is incredibly strong and one did make the top 16. Crim, though, seemed to under-perform compared to its representation (whereas Anarch grossly overperformed).

Given everyone was clearly teching against Anarch/NBN, this probably suggests the meta really should converge on 100% Anarch/NBN at some point.

Runners: anything with Temujin
Whizz, the deck to beat.
Andysucker, she just won’t stop being good
Neus Kate (sorry, I don’t have a list for this one).
Dyper Kate, this list is pretty rough as I never found it very fun

Corp: anything in yellow.
Boom SYNC, it’s not the best deck, but it may be the most fun. Also, I really like the name I put on that deck.
Controlling the message (CtM), aka the king in yellow
Power Shutdown Boom NEH is pretty good, but I don’t have a list for it

I also like HB Fast Advance, but I don’t really think it will win anything bigger than a GNK.

Finally, the corp deck I never saw before, but now I wish it won worlds, Clone Retirement Palana. So many cards I’d love to see in full-bleed.

Disclaimer: most of the lists I linked are my own brew and aren’t necessarily optimized. Use at your own risk.

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Thanks for the tips everyone, some good material to work with!

Dien posted his world’s deck: d1en's Yellow Railgun (Top 16 Worlds 2016) · NetrunnerDB

Alec Anderson made top 16 with a variation on the same combo deck: Click boom boom (4th Swiss, 5th I think in Eliminations) · NetrunnerDB

There’s plenty of difference between them but you get the influence expenditure, core operation suite, agendas mostly from looking at those. ICE and card draw/agenda filtering options are the biggest choices.

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This thread has already hit most of the common ones, but if you like playing Shaper and don’t want to do the Dyper nonsense, you should check out Rude Girl. A guy on my KoS team made it to 32nd place with it in the Worlds bracket, and could’ve most likely made top 16 if he had swept the last round.

It’s an underrated deck that blows through most of the competition with ease. Solid tutoring and being able to click for 3 credits basically turns the game into an inevitability if you hit late game.

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