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Tournament Format idea

I dont frequent these boards, but the Sweeps Weekly tournament (and the thread about it) idea got me thinking. I didn’t know who to take the idea to, but figured someone may like it enough to do something with it, as I think it might work well for something like JNet.

So www.chess.com has a rating system for players. 1200 is the starting point and you gain or lose points every game you complete based on if you won or lost and what your opponents record was. For example, if Im at 1200 and playing against a 1600, I might lose 5 points for losing the game, but gain 25 for winning, since the 1600 is so much higher.

The site also has tournaments that run for long periods of time, with hundreds of players each sometimes. These are often limited to players within a certain point range at the start of the tournament.

Example tournament has 100 players signed up.
Players are randomly divided into groups of 5 or 10, and each group is its own small Round Robin tournament with you playing a game as black and a game as white against each opponent in the group.
Once all games are done, the person (or people in the case of a win and SoS tie) advance into the next round where players are again divided up into smaller groups (if needed) and Round Robin play continues.
There is a leaderboard that tracks total points for all players throughout the entire tournament.

Iirc, there is no timer on when a round ends, just a set amount of time per move being decided by the organizer, but if a timer was added for each round (You must play one game as corp and one game as runner vs each opponent in your bracket within X days), this could easily translate over to JNet play, and give a rating system as well.

Hopefully I explained everything well, but please ask if you have any questions.

The ratings system probably isn’t feasible for ordinary play, but could be interesting for tournament play. Or just completely ignored. The tournament system isn’t dependent on the ratings, it just can affect the individual players ratings as they complete their games.

I want this for my Sweeps Weekly tournaments and currently need someone to help me design the entire process

I’ll PM you about it.

If you’re just trying to find an ELO system there are multiple services online that can do so. Or just a Google Docs Spreadsheet which is what our local Netrunner group use for our ELO rankings.

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