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Tournament Report, 2nd Place Manchester Regionals

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/tournament-report-2nd-place-manchester-regionals/

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Excellent Report! Second-place is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and you did it with decks that are a bit more unconventional than here in the US. I’m happy you finally got that bad-ass Reina mat, and I hope it sells well for you.

Your Blue Sun deck is definitely a little unconventional, but I also like it’s style. Being able to switch from one or another victory condition is something that can be quite useful and put a lot of pressure on the opponent. I really appreciate the detailed write-up, stuff like this is always interesting to read about.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Oh I’m keeping the Reina mat. I only sell/trade away duplicates; and since I was getting another Reina alt art at Manchester, I felt comfortable selling one of those.

I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

Ah, I misunderstood, then. Nice. I can’t imagine ever selling a tournament prize unless it was really wonky (like the backpacks at worlds. Did they even have a Netrunner theme? :smile:), so I definitely agree with keeping it.

Congratulations on your achievement!

I think the backpacks have traditionally had the same art as the playmat for the same event.

I’ve never even been to a tournament, so I have no idea. :smile:

Thanks for the report, I enjoyed reading it!

I gotta say I’ve always felt more comfortable with 18-20 ICE in Blue Sun. Playing 16 ICE of which 3 are Curtains and 1 is Archer would make me nervous for the early game :smile:

Any thoughts on changes you’d make with Breaker Bay? Fit in Meru Mati?

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One of my best runs was with a hybrid glacier/scorch Blue Sun. Makes me want to dust that deck off. Looks a lot like yours. I put it to bed after O&C what with all the IHW, but now that Kate is everywhere I’m thinking about it again. Thanks for the report.

. I think it’s fine to bleed a few agendas early game in this deck; unless they hit the singleton Cleaners, they still need to get in and see 3 more agendas at least (more if they’re stealing Hostiles).

I’d love to have more Ice, but I’d have to cut some vital scorch pieces or Lizzy Millses/Jacksons/money to do so. I’ve already put a Meru Mati in for an Ice wall. I’ve also done a switcheroo and put the Lotus Field back in for the reversed accounts. 17 ICE is a bit light, but I think that it’s fine in Blue sun because you can redeploy ice as needed.

Hi, Henry Kay here- I ended up going to 20 points in the swiss and bombing out immediately with a 0-2 in the top 8, incidentally. Just saying, but my EtF Glacier wasn’t running NEXT Ice- my suite was 14 Bioroids and 3x Architect.

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I’d just like to apologise to everyone who attended Manchester regionals for:

  1. Getting sick
  2. Getting lucky
  3. Winning the tournament

Great report man, and I’m sorry again for your crappy luck in the finals. You also put up an incredible fight in our first game in the top 8 considering your bad draws.


Oops, sorry. All you bioroids look the same to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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As if manna from heavens, this appears to me in my hour of need. Everything I try against Kate (RP aside) feels weak, unreliable, like I’m just hoping I draw more econ than her in the early game. I missed my old Weyland deck, trashing everything, taking reckless amounts of bad pub, scoring agendas I know you can stop me from scoring because you’ve seen what I have in HQ. On the way home from Game Night tonight (after an average performance by my hybrid Scorch/FA NEH with Blacklists) I wrack my brain on what to bring to a few high-impact tournaments coming up… I get home, get online, and come across this article. Someone playing a deck that is 40-cards-the-same as my old one, placing second at a regionals?

I’m back, I’m home, and I’m ready for some “industrial gentrification”. Godspeed.