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Tournament Report - The Game Shoppe, Bellevue, NE 01/28/17

Decklists here:
RP - Why are you still buying cards?
Leela - I guess Temujin is good

As mentioned in the decklist descriptions, I haven’t really played any Netrunner since sometime around 2016 Regionals. I still watch some games from time to time, and I keep up with the forums (mostly the rules section around here), so I had some idea of what the scene is like these days. But spending a day running some nets seems like a good way to spend a Saturday, and I was hoping to catch up with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while.

Unfortunately, the turnout was a bit low. Last year, this same SC drew top notch players up from the Kansas City meta and a decent sized group out from Iowa. This year it wasn’t clear we’d even be able to run it – as of about 20 minutes before the start time, we still had less than the minimum 4 players. Luckily a couple more showed up, so we were able to run the tournament even if it was a bit intimate with only the 5 of us.

On to the report!

Round 1: Patrick, playing AoT and En Passant Val

Patrick was the one guy I recognized from past store champs/regionals – he’s a solid player and he always brings interesting decks. I was a bit skeptical when he brought out AoT, but this probably ended up being one of my harder fought wins of the day. It was an interesting setup; I figured going in that he would be running a bunch of big, clunky ice and attempting some kind of glacier setup, but it was quite a bit leaner, with a lot of low- to mid-range bioroids (the biggest thing I remember seeing was a Sherlock 2.0) and it seemed setup more around never advance/FA than building a scoring remote. I probably played more cautiously around the ID than I needed to, but even then it mostly managed to shut off the more interesting Leela plays. I was sitting on a Siphon in hand for most of the game, but he was consistently well below 5 creds – which being AoT, of course, didn’t stop him from rezzing a bunch of ice anyway. Nonetheless, I picked up a few points early and then managed to pull the win out of R&D later on.

In the game against Val, he dropped a Blackmail/En Passant early against R&D, so I tried to push a Nisei out in a quick scoring remote. He Deja Vu’d the Blackmail and nabbed it. On the subsequent turn I Fast Tracked and IA’d another, figuring it was now or never. It paid off, and from there it was mostly just a matter of digging for a Caprice to close out the game. That took quite a bit longer than expected – I used all three Jacksons to dig and still didn’t find one until there were about 20 cards left in R&D – but I was able to delay his Keyhole shenanigans long enough to pull it off.


Round 2: Nick, playing Good Stuff Smoke and Bioethics RP
The game against Smoke was actually pretty dicey at the start. The main thing I remember is that early on he had an SMC on the board and a moderate amount of cash, and I IA’d a Nisei behind 2 unrezzed Lotus Fields, hoping he wouldn’t test it. The gamble paid off again, setting me up with the Nisei security blanket we all hope and dream of. He also mostly left my assets alone, so I was swimming in cash the whole game – but with Beth on his end, that was something of a liability, as it mitigated RP’s click compression. Luckily, he pulled a Snare! out of HQ sometime in the mid-game, emptying his hand with only one click left. I think he was worried about net damage (since that’s what his RP does), so he drew a card instead of clearing the tag. That let me trash Beth and a Net Mercur to grind out the win from there.

The game against his RP was a bit of a blowout. I pulled and used all three Account Siphons pretty early on and just floated the tags. I didn’t even really get to see his game plan develop, but clearing a couple of Bioethics off the board gave me a rough idea of where it was headed. To recover from the Siphons, he played a Celeb Gift, showing me a couple of TFP’s. I hit HQ a few times (maybe through a Sneakdoor? not sure atm) and won the psi games, wrapping things up quickly.


Round 3: Andrew, playing BaBW / Exile
I felt a little bad going into this, because I’m pretty sure Andrew had lost his only other match. But a bye gave him 2 ‘wins,’ and I had already played everyone else (Patrick/Nick) who had any wins at all, so I guess it’s just the way things break in a 5 person tourney.

His BaBW was some kind of Stinson/Midseasons/Reversed Accounts/Boom! setup. There was one sketchy moment on turn 2 or 3 where I Siphoned him and floated the tags for a turn, just hoping he hadn’t drawn a Boom! yet. As with my other matches, the gamble paid off and I cleared the tags the next turn. He did make a ton of money, but by the time he really got rolling I was at 5 points, so Midseasons was mostly off the table… or so I thought. I stumbled into a Hostile in R&D without enough credits to fight a Midseasons trace towards the end of the game, but luckily he either never drew it or had previously tossed it. Either way, I closed out the game a turn or two later.

The Exile deck was actually really interesting – using Sahasraras, Aesop’s, and the conspiracy breakers to setup a fun draw/credit engine. I’m sure the rest of you have seen this around in some form, but it was totally new to me. =) Anyway, I flashed him a Komainu/Snare!/2 Agendas/(Something else?) with a Celeb Gift the first turn and then threw the Komainu over HQ. That mostly kept him out of HQ long enough to score out the first Nisei, and then I pushed a second out a few turns later with a Caprice. His engine was really starting to churn at that point, but with 2 Nisei tokens and a Caprice remote, I threw a TFP down and closed it out.

6-0, Undefeated for the day

Now that I have this Regionals bye, I feel like I should probably get back into the game enough to make a decent showing when the season rolls around. =) Plus, with this extra time on my hands lately (see decklist descriptions), I might try to make a few more Store Champs in the area just for funsies.


The lack of KC people was disappointing. I was hoping at least one or two. Generally at the store championships last year we saw 10 or so, then about half that for the second store championship in town, then I think just two. This year, zero.

However I remember the year before last only two people showed up to the store championship being held here, so I do wonder if it was just the Jackson Howard’s that brought so many people in last year.