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Towers of Taxation and Tournaments

Continuing the discussion from Tower of Defense:

I am really liking my Tenin NA tax deck lately, but like many have commented, the games take FOREVER.

From people who have taken this style deck to tournaments, have you found methods to speed the game up to a reasonable clip that will finish in 35 minutes? I am curious if it can be done.


I’ve found that in combining elements from Tennin tax and Tennin Lightning, some of their respective weaknesses have been somewhat mitigated. I’d recommend starting there.

People really need to learn to play at a pace to finish this match. It’s sad to say, but when I play against players that play at a good pace, we can still finish a match even with really glacier style decks. It’s sad too, since I think giving a lot of decisions to the opponent like should you run my taxing server I just installed in or run R&D, or take credits and try next turn, is what playing Corp is all about.

Players shouldn’t be taking 3+ minutes when you give them a tough decision, your giving them way more than 1 tough decision per match and it adds up.

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The trouble with slow Corp decks is that the runner’s turn is almost always longer and thinkier than the Corp’s, so playing even at lightning speed doesn’t ensure shit about how quickly you’re going to finish, (though it obviously helps).

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Played a game on OCTGN last night with my Tenin Tax deck versus Andy and at some point (not even the end of the game mind you, but close) my opponent noted that the game was at 54 turns!

Tenin won of course :smiley:

What does Tennin Tax look like as opposed to Tennin Lightning? I’ve been playing a Lightning variant and it usually wins or loses by Corp’s 15th turn.

Mine is a never advance style with a single remote. Key cards are NAPD, Nisei MKII, Caprice, lots of taxing ICE, so no fast advance happening.