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True Colors - Full Spoilers!

Thoughts? Crazy pack.

Sweeps Week. Wow. Well I might be able to free up some influence maybe on the burst economy train for NBN.

+8 credits on first turn vs Andy? YES PLZ!

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thats what i was thinking, its andy hate!

also im loving the look of keyhole and rsvp

Somehow, my favorite part of this pack is Curtain Wall’s flavor text. : D

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I’ve been looking forward to Counterstrike for a while but i am very happy with what I am seeing in this pack. I’m glad to see a way to give the corp a Bad Pub that isn’t Frame Job. (even though Activist Support is dangerous in its own right.) Veteran’s program is awesome! (I hate bad pub) I’m very excited to start using Shock! in my Jinteki deck. Although I think the real winner here is RSVP. If its strength was lower than 3, I probably could care less, but the fact that it is out side of Yog’s base strength gives this a run for its money. Especially if you put it in front of something with interesting traces.

I thought activist support would be a good way of getting bad pub on the corp, but if you look closely the corp has a chance to trash it on their turn via the tag before they get the bad pub (which is at the beginning of your turn). Makes it much trickier to pull off.

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It’d be nicer if the runner had some way to play Resources on the corp’s turn. Then you could give them a bad pub and sell it to Aesop as your turn started. But as it is, they effectively need to be completely unable to trash it during their turn.

Could end up being a tempo hit though. If the Corp is drained of money and you drop this, if they dont want that bad pub enough they have to credit credit trash to do so. Thats a turn the runner gets for 1 click

However… its only /ever/ going to give 1 bad pub. Which in most situations is not really going to make or break a corp. Unless bad pub punishment becomes a /lot/ better I would just let them have it then use the tag to trash whatever other resources hit the table or to power any of my needed tag punishment.

This data pack has a very high power level. Full thoughts will come later, but Sweeps Week is a top tier card.

I can defiantly see this becoming crazy good. If the Runner keeps a handful of cards, this punishes them. If the Runner keeps a low hand in defense of this, they are open to their suburb getting carpet bombed. Either way this card could be nuts!