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UK Nationals 2015 Reportage

UK Nationals 2015 Report

Great fun at the UK Nationals. Kate was everywhere like a rash, too much NEH still alive for my tastes and good to see some interesting showings from the likes of Gagarin and stealth Kit.

Also the festival style food court in the car park did amazing burgers. Seriously.


Nice read, thanks for sharing!

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Haha loving the Deja Vu. Had a discussion about deja vu vs clone chip pretty much exactly a year ago.
Not sure about the killer rig though. 2 Faerie and a Mimic with 1 recursion (deja vu)? Seems like high str sentries might be a problem.

I clotted two separate astrotrains on the day. Still not willing to give up that card!


Out of what faction?
For criminals it’s really expensive :frowning:

Kate faction!

That is what it’s called, right?


Great style of writeup, thanks for providing decklists with card choice explanations. I also loved the captioned cards, well done :smiley: Sounds like a fun tournament!

Minor gripe: there were a bunch of misspellings that could have easily been avoided with a quick run through a spellchecker.

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Hi. I wrote the report in Word so it’s already spell checked. There could be typos though! Having spent four days at a con getting my article entirely correct wasn’t top priority. :wink: