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UK Regionals

UK Regional locations have been published: http://www.esdeviumgames.com/news-item/ffg-2015-regional-championships-participating-stores/

Someone really, really hates the SW.

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Bit disappointed hoped for more than 6.

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Yeah, when they said there’d be more I was expecting an increase of more than one.


This could be pretty bad. My impression is that the UK netrunner scene is significantly bigger than last year, and I’m predicting quite a few annoyed people who miss out on signing up for regionals at all.

London store champ this weekend already has a signup of 60+ and there are lots of store champs. What’ll it be like when there are only 4 in the whole of England?

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I’m a bit annoyed too - hopefully Leisure Games runs a better/tighter regional than they did last year!

The biggest complaints on facebook so far have come from the Welsh players, which is fair enough since their closest event has moved from Cardiff to Oxford. But yeah, it’s gonna be a pileup at the door for these events, for sure.

I’m gonna try to go to the Oxford London and Manchester ones.

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Hmm link broke now. Maybe they forgot one!

Well, Cardiff was never an amazing place to hold a regional anyway - it is tucked away in a corner. I don’t think Oxford is great either, becuase it’s a bit too close to London - Bristol would have been more reasonable.

One of Bristol or Cardiff should be holding one, to serve the SW and South Wales. I would be surprised if attendance at any of the other events would drop that much if they added one.

Having said that, I should still be able to make it to Oxford.