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Upstalk: Pictures of Every Card

All of the new Upstalk cards are out there now: http://imgur.com/a/fESk4


Some very cool art in here. I’m digging The Root a lot.

Though this mostly makes me very hopeful that we’ll all see physical copies of these cards very soon.

I’ve heard that maybe this Thursday, though I don’t know my source’s source (or, indeed, their source) so…

EDIT: I quite like Lotus Field and Taurus. Shame about Primary Transmission Dish because the art’s lovely and the card is meh.

I also really like the flavour text on Leprechaun, since we had a thread about more or less exactly that not too long ago.

Kinda disappointed by Lotus Field art actually. But Komainu and other Jinteki ICE set a high bar.

My cat is named Lotus, maybe I’ll make my own alt with her face repeating.


Dooo iiit.

I can think of other things I’d’ve liked more, but it’s not terrible, is more my feeling. I hate it when cards I really want to run have poor art (one reason why the promo Scorcheds are so nice), so it being decent at least is nice.

Probably FFG’s own product release page, which updated at some point Monday or Tuesday to read “July 24.” Glory, glory, hallelujah…(The Spaces Between appeared at the same time, and is now dated “Q3 2014,” which I am reading as “GenCon.”)

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Looking forward to getting the new ‘NEXT’ ICE

The flavor text for The Root makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Humanity, Fuck Yeah! :smiley:

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