US Nationals - Gen Con

Warriors… Sounds dramatic. The only warriors I saw were at the giant foam weapon table.

…hella fearsome

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18th after tie breakers. Bah. Still, had tons of fun with some great players. :slight_smile:


What was your record? What did the meta look like? Any new decks?


10-4. All losses were Corp side for me - hbfa. Ironically, after spending the last few days agonizing over whether or not Val was the right call with butcher shop running rampant, I didn’t drop a single game with her. Nothing terribly surprising in my matchups, but I saw some shutdown combos and PE mushin-overwriter decks doing well nearby.

I’ll try to get a full report posted soon, but pretty wiped out right now. :wink:

How does the top 16 look?


Sadly my dreams of streaming are pretty dead. I have permission to stream but no way to power my laptop for 5 hours of streaming. There are no outlets near the tables at all except for the FFG judges table, and I’m not allowed to use those (GenCon rules). So, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Oh well.

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Is Covenant recording it?


Nice. Any Stimhackers or otherwise noteworthy persons on the list?

Did the picture above not post? I uploaded a picture of the top 32

No, I can see the picture just fine, just don’t recognize any of the names (probably since I’m from Europe). Just wondering if I had heard of any of them before, without being able to recognize their real names.

Looks like @pacer and @Jdalart (with last name misspelled?) made it.

I’m rooting for @Jdalart if it is him. Midwest represent!

EDIT: Oops, no @Jdalart got the name wrong.

@flowerscandrink is 6th seed atm, also @lucasli is 2nd seed


Finished 25th; 20 points is an absolute cluster. Started 1-3, went on a 9-1 run to finish. I’ll take it.


Theres’s also LSK from NetrunnerDB at 5tth seed, who probably isn’t playing his newest brew: Geist, Without Any Programs (Seriously, none) · NetrunnerDB

I see @pacer, @asher, @sirris, @Squash957.

@Zolend is 10th. @Nobo715 is crushing :slight_smile:




Hey guys, I don’t post much but I am in at 12th.