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Valencia, the combo Anarch?


Employee Strike is the best current in the game right now. Hurts a lot of corps, slows down Palana/ETF/NEH, demolishes some corps like Haarp and Biotech. There’s almost no matchup against commonly played competitive IDs where I’m sad to see it.


I’d take FC over Lovegood any day. Turns off IDs and makes on access agendas painless. Lovegood would simply allow you to steal agendas without the +3 cost. I’d actually be hard pressed to not include it in any deck that wants to win by scoring at this point.


Anyone having any luck with the Angry Val deck? 2x Siphon 2x Apoc, 3x Eater/d4/Keyhole and then like 35 events?

I kind of like it, but I kind of also think it’s probably terrible. Everyone’s slotting Crisium right now, it’s FA match-up is weak, and omg the variance. What if the 2 Apoc are in the last 10 cards of your deck?

Feels like one of those decks that hoses players not ready for it, but very easy to play around if you even suspect it (and good players will as soon as you slap down Val as an ID).


If you mean something like this, it did win a regional. That seems to qualify as “having some luck.” =)


Anyone try Emptied Mind or Akshara Sareen in ValDLR? Turbo charging that deck seems like a fun idea.


I think Akshara is probably bad. The idea of the deck is to make the corp more or less too broke to stop you and unable to score out, and Akshara gives them the ability to spend their turn gaining 4 credits rather than 3, which is a big deal. More importantly, it gives decks that play 3/2’s a way to score them out of their hand. I guess against those decks you just don’t play it, but then you’re playing a dead card in a deck that’s already struggling right now.


I tried Akshara today and it is OK. I just swapped one Scrubber in the Dan build and I only install it of I am not against FA or about to mill them out. It seems to work.


I took 4th with my Val list at CT regionals yesterday. This deck will cause a lot of frustration for anybody that is not playing IG.



Well, Valencia just took a regional. Zane Greening just took Valencia to the ETX regional at Tacoma, and won it, going 8-0 with his DDOS/False Echo Val deck. In Portland 2 weeks ago, he also went 8-0 with it, taking 3rd, his only losses on corp side. Deck list is found here. So far it’s won 16 out of 16 games played over two regionals, and 0 ICE was rezed at either event. I love that stat.


I wasn’t able to play him today, but I did face him in the cut in Portland, and i did fire a Beta Test… and hit 0 ice.

Anyways, congrats to Zane for taking it, he’s a great guy. The deck, however, puts me on tilt more than anything in Netrunner I’ve expirenced.

Anyways, ETX was a blast, thanks to everyone I played, congratulations to Zane again for taking it, to @pandapersona for taking second with Exile, and thanks to @jakodrako for running the Netrunner events. Even though 5th wasn’t my goal, I was happy with it. I was also extremely pleased to come away with the draft title. It was a blast!


I took another regional (42 of germanys finest players) with Valencia going 5:1 (five rounds, only one runner game in the 8 players cut)

When i heard she won a regional i took my old list i tested big back in the days, looked up for what Zane played, and adapted to some stuff from it. Thanks Zane!


With some changes, namely Emergency Shutdown to handle a well fired ABT, and Turning Wheel to be able to pressure HQ, id play it again.


How was False Echo? Or would you drop them for ES and Wheel?


False Echo is one of the key pieces of the deck, preparing the huge R&D run turn with 4-8 R&D runs.
I would drop borth Carrier Fair and the Rebirth for Turning Wheel and the Emergency Shutdown, and another Armitage Codebusting.


So, I borrowed this deck off a friend who ran a Comet MaxX deck last year at the Regional into the cut. I ran a Val version of it for some time and had a bunch of success with it, until the MWL hit it fairly hard due to the PPVPs driving much of the economy.

I picked it up again because I wanted to give Fear the Masses a try and have had some success with it so far. I tend to keep 2 FtM in hand for most of the game then pop them off whenever Wyldside gives me more. If I smell the end of the game coming, I can pop them all off (using SoT if necessary), often for 7+ RnD accesses in a turn. Downside of course is that it’s an easy Salem’s target, but it helps spread the corp’s ice more thinly as they juggle HQ and RnD defense due to Keyhole (and they have to keep an eye on Archives too).

I’ve just tried dropping the Cutlery (I had one of each) for Making an Entrance to help the set up time, which is always the tough part (you can only Blackmail those rush decks so many times!). Not played with it yet, I’ve always liked having the Cutlery as a backup so feel a bit vulnerable without it.

The Great Comet of Cayambe v4 FtM version

Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe (Order and Chaos)

Event (30)

Hardware (5)

Resource (8)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (2)

11 influence spent (max 15-4☆=11)
50 cards (min 50)
Cards up to Fear the Masses

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Cards I’d like to fit in: More Vamp, Councilman, Hades Shard, Cutlery again, even a cheeky Morningstar to keep anyone getting cute with Hive in line.

C&C welcome!


That’s kind of beautiful. I may have to sleeve it up, or at least try a few spins on Jinteki

What is your plan if they get ICE rezzed on a remote? Or anywhere you want to access, for that matter?


Well, originally I had cutlery, so vamp them to nothing and om nom nom the remote ice. Obviously doesn’t help against Turing or architect!

But honestly I find with high pressure with wanton (which was in previously)/FtM, vamp and keyhole, in the situations where some ice gets rezzed on the remote I can attack elsewhere instead. What’s more worrying I think is ice rezzed on archives; with no Hades I have no way to access the cards there.

Crisium can be a problem, again cutlery used to be a way around that, but I’ve now dropped it. FtM lets you keep hitting HQ too, meaning they need a crisium there too to stop you!

Thank you for the comments, I’ve always really enjoyed this deck. My tip for playing it is basically draw, draw, draw! Once you get the 3 ppvp up, the comet, then wyldside/pancakes, you have money all over the place and pressure everywhere.


@unitled, i’ve been trying this out for the last couple of days now and it is really fun thanks.

I have been stuck once in a situation where I was unable to access Archives so have tried making some small edits in order to get a Hades Shard in. Only tried 4 or 5 games with this edited list currently, so unsure how well this will work but I’ve popped the list below for reference.

Losing out on the 2 x Making an Entrance was painful, but I haven’t missed Yog.0 much yet (although I am sure I will). Grabbing an additional Vamp has paid off in one game so far, still haven’t used the Hades Shard yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Unsure whether Knight is the correct choice to replace the Yog.0 here, it’s worked in couple of games so far but again needs more testing. I will hopefully be able to clock up some decent amount of games over the weekend.

FTM Great Comet Val - Tweak v0.1

Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe (Order and Chaos)

Event (29)

Hardware (5)

Resource (9)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (2)

12 influence spent (max 15-3☆=12)
50 cards (min 50)
Cards up to Fear the Masses

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


I could get on board with losing the Yog for a Hades actually, Turing on a central isn’t very common, and you can always pressure the other one with Keyhole/FtM as appropriate. Vamp is great, think 2 is the right call especially with the amount of money you can pump out when you’ve got the PPVP rig set up.

Interested to hear your thoughts after further testing, glad it’s something you enjoy! :smiley:


No spoilers? Deck space was just too tight?


My first thought is -2 Comet -1 Day Job -1 something +1 Lucky Find + 2 Parasite + 1 Turntable

Comet seems excessive and winmore. The 3rd Lucky is really strong. I really like slow Parasite on HQ in a deck like this. A lot of people play a really slow game against Eater Val and slow Parasite with your recursion punishes that. You can bring back 2 with your Deja Vus if you want.

For emergency access (like archives) you can always play 1x Faust.

Looks sweet though, Love the idea!