Viable Corp scoring plans

In an interview at Worlds, @mediohxcore said EOI was the only viable Corp scoring plan other than combo.

Is there any viable Corp scoring plan now?

Foodcoats is still viable, if you use Biotic as backup.

Jemison fast advance seems real strong. Oberth and Corporate Town all day lawng.

Tracing down Doors can just tax 'em out and score.


If your deck doesn’t include some form of fast-advance, it probably can’t score out.


Midrange HB with biotic/Jeeves is reasonably effective. Anything that leaves an advanced agenda on the table is probably out.

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I think a variety of rush strategies are viable. I don’t see a lot of Shaper, so I think FA (typically via Biotic) is strong as a close-out option.

So Midrange HB and Sleeper Hold are certainly viable. I’ve been having good luck rushing in Titan with the threat of Midseasons. I score GFI from the table regularly, but only when I have a large credit lead.

Both ICE and defensive upgrades are countered very strongly by Rumor Mill and Sifr. This makes scoring plans that rely on the runner being unable to access a card they know is an agenda is difficult to pull off. There are other scoring plans available.

I have a feeling Jemison is going to be very strong as an FA archetype. Even without the kill package, an aggressive playstyle is usually the way to go.

I have been having a lot of fun with a variant of this deck.

It is a yellow glacier deck. It usually has more money than the runner as there are no open remotes for them to temujin off and your currents either slow them down or give you money. This plus them having to trash your SanSans will keep them poor allowing you to Byran into a lot of money and then eventually midseasons them. Once they have the tags you generally psycho beale out for the win. With Datawards, News Hounds and Resistors, your ICE is pretty good at stopping them going tag-me and just mediuming you.

It can struggle with high link runners but I am sure you can re-arrange it a bit to compensate. I’ve never played Clot decks with SacCons but I reckon they would be hard to beat. I think then you would have to score out over multiple turns which can be done if need be.

Before Sifr, Blue Sun could make enough money by Oversighting Curtain Walls that the runner wouldn’t want to steal their agendas (fearing Midseasons->Boom), then threaten to get to 7. At this point the runner has no choice but to steal the last agenda, so BS rarely scored out, but the threat of it is what lets you kill the runner. Unfortunately Sifr makes this strategy WAY harder.

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And Film Critic, right?

Film critic is a big problem for Blue Sun, though that one’s not new. The main answers to that were:

  1. Snatch and Grab or Contract Killer
  2. Hope to not face any Shaper because Shaper’s pretty bad right now.
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Main answer to Film Critic is also Voter Intimidation. SnG loses a lot of potency because of Aaron. VI is better because it fits in the tutor-package.

Personally, I’ve fallen in love with Enforcing Loyalty. Hits Aaron in Anarchs and Shapers, and shoots breakers from Criminals.