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Warsaw today (2015/08/28)


So, @rembrandt, @krystman (from teamworkcast), @flaw and myself have arrived today and would like to know if anyone is up for a beer in the city?


German Invasion of Poland in the dying days of summer. Plans to steal all the Polish treasures. Where have I heard this before?


On the day the day the secret German train with loot from WWII was revealed…


@ff0x would you mind bringing me back some Żubrówka? I’ll find you another kati jones set somewhere


So, we’re done!

72 attendees, 6 rounds of swiss, cut to top 16.

The winner is @prozz with Argus Security / Noise.
Runner up - Marchewa with Chaos Theory (Bagbiter) / Cerebral Imaging
3rd - @romanoSoprano with Noise / Replicating Perfection
4th @ff0x NEH / Kate


Decklists plx!

Just realised… After Poland they’re going to The Netherlands… :wink:


Pretty sure they will be up soon @ nrdb :slight_smile:


My decks :smile:






That awkward moment when you realize that you are debating with @Selverin and @Jander, how to tech against Teophilius Bagbiter. Awesome tournament, awesome games. I’ll post my not-so-fancy 5th place decklists with a write-up after I get some sleep :slight_smile:


I’ll post my probably even less fancy lists once I am home again. Overall, I habe to say that I rarely enjoyed a tournament as mich as this one.


This was my worst result in like a year, and great fun! The tournament went so smooth and Polish community is just awesome.


This tournament should’ve had 3 days, with one day only for beer.


It’s so sad that PadBar isn’t a thing in germany.
BTW, we want to come again next year and already planned to stay an extra day for beer.


Count me in! The whole trip to warsaw from Berlin was already worth it - But with an extra day with beer… That is simply amazing!


We don’t have many shops in Poland that have a place to play a tournament. We’re mainly playing in bars & pubs, we don’t really have a choice. :slight_smile:


I think he meant that we don’t have similar geeky places to hang out. :wink:


It’s in the bag. :smile:


The decklists I played at the tournament: