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Weekly Tournament Winning Decklists 3/10/14

So what was going on in Netrunner this week. Well, the Russians keep coming. Mplain winning the Moscow tournament with HB Combo Wombo and Kate. Playing both SanSan and the Accellerated Diagnostics in one deck. His Kate is all about operation pressure with only 4 breakers (!!), playing The Maker’s Eye, Indexing, Account Siphon and 3 Stimhack together with Sharpshooter, ZU.13 Key Master, Corroder and Femme Fatale.

In Seattle Matthew Guze won the Phoenix Comics and Game store championship with Kate and NBN: Making News. His Kate deck went with the usual Shapers stuff and Anarch breakers. NBN went with Midseason Replacements / Psychographics funded by Celebrity Gift and Sweeps Weeks.

In Champaign (Ill) Justin Leisner struck again with his Gabe Blackguard / Celerebral Image decks, this time at the Armored Gopher Games Shop.

Finally in Oslo, Norway, we saw Andy in a Red dress win an Andromeda deck going for Connections like Compromised Employee, Kati Jones, Professional Contacts, Raymond Flint and Woman in the Red Dress. The Corp was Haas-Bioroid Stronger Together, going for 7 agenda’s, traps acting like agenda’s and big ICE.

**MOD EDIT: Decided this post made a good place to talk about the new tournament winning decklists for the last week. **


The strangest lists to me this week were from:

Replicating Perfection and Exile!

The Exile deck had 11 influence, a CopyCat and yet won a 22 person tournament. Very interested to hear about that.


Also curious about how those Midori’s play out in RP.

The first week with a bit more diversity. Effect of Fear and Loathing? Or just coincidence?

Also, the RP deck was again a 54 card deck…

I found the TWIY discussion funny. Some people thing it’s the first “win” deck that require no skills o_0