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What beats Nordrunner?


I think it’s safe to assume that Nordrunner is “the dude to beat” recently. Stimhack OCTGN league heavily confirms this, a very big amount of people there lost to him (I think 90% of my losses were Nords)

What I’d like to hear from better players than myself is - how to beat the fucker? :smile:

I haven’t played as many decks (by a long shot) as Nordrunner, so I can’t judge for myself, but others can, I’m quite sure. What do you hate most about playing against Nords (his stupid good looks, his mad netrunner skills)? What card(s) or strategies are crucial in trying to win against Nordrunner?

I am not asking for magic silver bullets, but general strategies and thoughts from seasoned Nords opponents?


Wow… just wow…


There is no stopping him… This is beginning of the end of times!

The apocalypse is near!


Strong Meta.


Play the exact decks he’s playing but play better than him.


My expirience:1)play stupid deck of ineffective cards like Paricia, source and grifter.
2)Get lucky

Usually works fine for me;)

Also always cut his deck in way that all APP and fastrackes happen to be in last 10 cards.


@Nordrunner You got em’ running scared. Hammer don’t hurt em’!
Makes me wish I would have played in the stimhack league :smiley:


Show’s over boys, move along :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, since there’s another thread like this one, and not a single real says Nordrunner, we should assume NEH is the answer?

Lol. In All seriousness, just practice and play better than him.


Challenge him to an #icebucketchallenge. He won’t respond, as he’ll be blinded with fear. (he has a fear of ice, outside of a mixed drink)


In the bitter cold wasteland that is Wisconsin, who dares put ice on themselves?


What you fail to understand is that the populace of Wisconsin is typically inebriated enough to not notice the cold.


I am still piecing my costume together. You set the bar pretty high.


Think that was good? You should see my brother’s as Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. It’s on my FB page, Nords.


BTW, Wisconsin is owning the top two spots of the league, kids.


What strategy is crucial in trying to beat nordrunner? Be me.


Since you started it… you know the records against individual players are public on the challengeboard, right? :wink:



I love feeding Nord points. :slight_smile:


interestingly enough you have among highest win % against nordrunner and have taken more than twice as much elo from him than I have