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What do we know of Slovakian Nationals?

Ok nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a large trunk, add some pillows and you’ll be fine !

Yeah I think I’ll pass :p. Already traveled a bit too much in car trunk when I was hitchhiking and thztz not the most comfortable way to travel.

Yes, there should be some sort of WiFi available, but don’t completely depend on it.

what’s the deadline for the decklists? I’m sure mine will be turned upside down after 12h of car-deck-teching ! :smile:

Let me put it this way:

  • We’re not sending you home over a missing decklist
  • Non-electronic submissions will not be accepted
  • The tournament doesn’t start until we have everyone’s lists

Put those three together and you might very well end up with this mental image of yourself cursing at your phone, trying to send an e-mail over spotty wi-fi as 40 people watch on, piercing you with their hateful gazes :stuck_out_tongue:

(in other words: think of the deadline as “saturday morning before you enter the store”)


I judged the Belgian Nationals where i had 50ish people glare at me when the doors to the store were still closed at 10 am, even when the tournament was supposed to start at 10. I was already organising things for an hour on a laptop like some hobo.

Your silly threats hold no power over me.

But i’ll bring a small laptop so we can just toss them online via that way. Instead of on a Phone.


So, @Dr_Feelgood arrived and we had a nice evening of sparring matches. See if you can spot the pattern:

  • MaxX runs vs. Cybernetics Division. Flatline (Edge of World / Snare)
  • Iain runs vs. NEH. Flatline (Sea / Scorch / Scorch)
  • Quetzal runs vs. NEH. Flatline (Accident / Accident/Scorch)
  • MaxX runs vs. Industrial Genomics. Flatline (Overwriter / Ronin)
  • MaxX runs vs. (a different) Industrial Genomics. Flatline (Philotic)

Wondering if this is foreshadowing for the weekend :smiley:

Guys, GPS can’t find Bratislava, what’s the name in Slovenian?


It’s Slovakia.

Not the name of the country… Bratislava in your language? We’re near Ljubuljana now.

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If you are serious you screwed up pretty bad. Lublijana is in solvenia (south of austria) bratislava is in slovakia east of austria. And bratislava is the slovakian name as far as i know.



Bratislava is just east of Australia, it’s easy to find :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw my train should arrive 6am. I hope enough time for standard polish train delay.


You guys are a riot - can’t wait to meet you in person! Lemme just play 6 rounds of swiss and catch the next train to Ljubljana :stuck_out_tongue:

(also, when in doubt switching GPS to german and searching for “Pressburg” could lead to results… alternatively, hungarian and “Poszony”)


I can’t decide if they’re kidding or not. @Argamas making this exact prediction earlier in the thread is making me think joke, but either way… Priceless!


Do you know how Belgians blow their noses?

They hold their hands around their nose and say: come on out, guys! You’re surrounded!

True story…

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Well, it’s either a good joke or a better story =)!

Turns out flying out to Bratislava was impossible, and to Wien was unfortunately too expensive. I hope you guys have fun, though and I guess I’ll have to see some of you guys next tournament season!

What are the standings after day 1?

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belgians ruled day one, lets see what happens tomorrow.
Oddly they are playing top 16 although there were only 39 player.

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As I explained to you personally already, Stefan: cut to top 16 because
a) I don’t like cut placement being decided primarily by SoS (especially once super-byes get involved)
b) it being a two-day event, I wanted the second day being reasonably meaningful
c) more Netrunner is better!

Nationality breakdown in the top cut:

  • Austrian: 2
  • Belgian: 6
  • Hungarian: 1
  • Irish: 1
  • Polish: 1
  • Russian: 1
  • Slovak: 1
  • Czech from Hodonin (also known as “honorary locals”, as we’re practically their home store): 3

(yes, Belgians are best represented in the cut, then again, they were also the biggest crew present)

By the way, the cut ended up being really interesting in one regard: most of the usual inhabitants of cuts from the Austrian, Hungarian and local crews ended up missing it - seems like we all just gave zero fucks and played all sorts of weird shit :smiley:

I’ll post up the full results when we’re done, naturally.

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