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What do we know of Slovakian Nationals?

So. For those wondering , time for some minor updates from the nationals ;

Double elimination just stared round 2, in what i’ll dub the Belgian massacre. We had Elodius versus Michael 2.0 in the first round and now we have Okdoko vs Ronzacapa (loser bracker) and Brian versus Quinten (winner bracket).
Whatever happens , one Belgian is going to go see Bratislava after this round. Maybe two.

For those not interested in what the Belgians are doing in Bratislava (that probably means all of you).

This was the top 16 after the swiss ; (Thats Peekaysk for the files);

Tournament: 2015 Nationals Bratislava
Players and Ranking
1. Vaclav Sprta (Watzlav) (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Near-Earth Hub) 20
2. Lander Van Kerckhove (Ron Zacapa)(Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Near-Earth Hub) 18
3. Michael Proesmans (Michael 2.0) (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Titan Transnational) 18
4. Peter Dinya (percomis) (Noise / Near-Earth Hub) 16
5. Lubomir Boda (lubo_boda) (Quetzal / Near-Earth Hub) 16
6. Stefan Ferenci (Procf) (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Near-Earth Hub) 16
7. Pavel Bezusek(Andromeda / Replicating Perfection) 16
8. Quinten Allemeersch (4ccess7o4rasaka) (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Haarpsichord Studios) 16
9. Oisin McDermott (deaddrop) (Noise / Engineering the Future) 16
10. Michiel Questier (Okkdoko) (Noise / Near-Earth Hub) 16
11. Klaus Scheffenegger (Hannibal Rex) (Whizzard / Argus Security) 14
12. Vladislav Tvaruzek (Twada) (Noise / Near-Earth Hub) 14
13. Tomas Fedorczyk (Selverin) (Ken “Express” Tenma / Engineering the Future) 14
14. TR (Elodius) (Leela Patel / Haarpsichord Studios) 14
15. Anton Lapygin (Dr_Feelgood) (MaxX / Near-Earth Hub) 14
16. Brian Wynants (Ryanbantwins) (Valencia Estevez / Building a Better World) 14
17. Istvan Madarsz (Necro) (Andromeda / Near-Earth Hub) 14
18. Olivier De Clercq (clercqie) (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Engineering the Future) 13


Current top eight , being played ;

Winner Bracket : Peter Dinya (Percomis) vs Anton Lapygin (Dr_Feelgood)

Loser bracket :
Pavel Bezusek vs Vladislav Tgvaruzek (Twada)
Stefan Ferenci (Profc) vs Lander van Kerckhove (RonZacapa)

Quinten Allemeersch en Michael Proesmans (2.0) are sitting out in the ‘upper’ loser bracket.


…aaaand it’s over. Congratz to @Dr_Feelgood, playing MaxX and NEH!
@RonZacapa took second.

(more detailed debrief coming, once stuff gets all sorted out and I can sit down to it comfortably)


And i told you already that
A) it is a stupid argument as none of the 4 byes was in the top 8.
B) top 16 with 38 players totally devalues the 6 rounds swiss.

I feel like at this point it’s best to just say “I’m looking forward to attending the first tournament you’ll be TOing” and politely bow out of this particular conversation.


Congrats to Anton. Well-deserved. He was wrecking face in Finland too.

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Stats are up on Acoo, I’ll be adding the lists soon.

To be fair, it looked sorta hairy for him in Swiss, but then he just went through double elims like hot butter through a knife… I mean the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey everyone, I wanted to somehow communicate to Peekay and most people I met at the tournament I kind of feel this may be the place to do that.
This was my first tournament abroad and I had a blast playing, talking and drinking with all of you. Thank you Peekay and crew for the organisation (and for giving me time to get back from lunch to the semifinals), thank you for however brought the pastry (I think one of the Czechs?), thank you for all the Belgians rooting for me (outside of the games where I played against their fellow Belgians of course :D) and generally thank you to everyone who came and was friendly. It was really fun to meet players from so many nations. :]

If any of you want to hit me up on Facebook to talk about Netrunner (or Slovakian cheese-o-mats), I’d feel delighted if you do.


Thanks for organizing a great tournament @PeekaySK . It was awesome!

Most thrilling Losers Bracket run I ever had. Losing the first game straight up and having to crawl back up. Great meeting all of you and having beers in a Slovakian brewery! (and a few rums :wink: )

My 2nd place is 30% thanks to Peekay, who gave me a lollipop after a quite unlucky loss in the first round of elimination and me being kinda pissed/tilting. I just sat there and ate my candy. It helped greatly!


Next time, you don’t get a lollipop!!


I would like to also say “Thank you…” Peekay, Petra and all players which came to Bratislava. It was great! The next time I will leave my Gagarine&Kim home and I will try to kick your asses… :wink:

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I could have made the cut with a lollipop!


@Michael_2_0 Thanks for my tensest game of the tournament. It was definitely the most fun I had losing a game of Netrunner I can remember. You won that one fair and square, no lollipops involved on either side.


Guys, if you have any photos you made during the event, please get them to me so that I can add them to the event gallery I’m preparing :slight_smile:

Here’s the story behind that: When we showed up at the Regionals in Vienna, we found our Hodonin brothers standing around a table with a box of cookies, stuffing their faces. Twada promptly tells me about this awesome bakery next door to where they usually play and how they make these cookies. So I scratch my chin and ask him if there’s any chance of getting a bunch of these for our upcoming Regional, and he said sure. So we arranged it, paid it out of the entry fee, and it seemed to be well-received, so it sorta became a thing :smiley:

30% of a bag, a mat and a sack of tokens should be the tokens, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to be of assistance - second day crashes, tilts and burnouts were the main reason I brought an IKEA bag full of sweets. Been there way too many times myself, so it’s pretty easy to spot in others.

Honestly, you looked more in need of change of motor oil, but I didn’t have any on stock. I’ll come better prepared next time, promise!

I’m pretty sure no amount of lollipops would have helped either of us make the cut on that day, brother :smiley:

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I still remember this game play by play. Easily the tightest game all tournament, with Lubo’s swiss encounter in close second. Hades Shard wins still feel like cheating… :smiley:

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Picture gallery will be much appreciated! Haven’t been there but Anton told us that hospitality and overall camaraderie atmosphere were awesome!