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What if corps had a few more cards?

There are issues with the corp being able to keep up with the runner. Particularly post-rotation (read: post-Jackson), it seems like there will be some issues. Ideas have been floated about this.

Also, when there are new cards released there are always loads of awesome-looking corp cards that can never find deck space because so many cards are already required. Once you have your agendas, economy, and ice, you have a limited number of slots.

I was just thinking, what if the deck size limits were increased a little bit? For example, on 20-21 agenda points what if your deck size was 45-52 instead of 45-49? It’s just a few more cards, but it would cut agenda density down a little. You could have three more ice or econ or what have you.

I’m pretty much just spitballing here. It seems like a pretty simple balance fix though. Thoughts?

Weren’t those maximum deck sizes in ONR?

Aha, my memory on this is faulty! Disregard :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what were the distributions in ONR?

Netrunner Online has them.

If ANR had kept these rules, we’d probably all be playing 45 card decks with 18 points. Not much less dense, but maybe a bit more consistent.

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That is basically what every corp is doing with 2x GFI though.


Right, which is probably why GFI is so dang popular :).

Hey, if it came out in the Spin cycle and were about to rotate, we probably wouldn’t be arguing that ‘broken and should be on the MWL,’ but instead saying ‘GFI is a critical fix that the game needs.’

Right now GFI feels closer to a ‘game fix’ than ‘broken card’.



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No, 2x GFI lets you have 18 points in 49 cards, which is markedly less dense than 18 in 45.

Right, so would tweaking the ratio of agendas to deck size be a legitimate game fix at this point? It’s easier than adding a dozen bad Jacksons.

@Absotively If you had 2x GFI in the ONR ratio it would be 16 in 45 for the runner which is very nearly the same. It is, as you pointed out, marginally more consistent though. I don’t know whether there was a GFI in ONR. What’s important to me is the ratio of agenda points to deck size as a mechanism for game balance.

I think this is an interesting idea worth considering, though I’m still waiting to see how the MWL / Terminal Directive / rotation shapes things. Playing corp is just so difficult these days.

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