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What if Netrunner was an anime?

Really can’t believe I’m the first to post this:

Comic by Jonathon Ying

God I hope he does more.


That would awesome. I’d like to see some VR or AR eventually IRL a la Yugioh. Probably won’t happen in our lifetime but would be awesome to see the net and “make runs”, encountering the ICE as 3D visuals.

Loved the comic, probably the first I’ve seen outside of the shoddy “piss Whizzard” image I’ve genuinely laughed at.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Netrunner had a digital platform where Corps make unique quotes/sounds when they scored agendas, and Runners said some smug one-liners when stealing? The Hearthstoney experience would be 10x cooler in ANR versus the tablet RNG grindfest.


Haha, ace!

Love the comic!

I’ve always thought the crim faction thru H&P was a lot like the cast of Lupin the 3rd…

Gabe/Lupin: all about that $$
Andromeda/Fujiko: actually the best but everyone thinks she cheats
Jigen/Ken: master of trick shots
Goemon/Silhouette: samurai, ninja, whatever
Zenigata/Iain: at his best when he’s just one step behind his quarry…

Who is lizzy trying to scorch? Noise?



Yeah, but they’ve made exile into hoenheim of light… I think? Which makes the Edward comment to ed Kim make more sense.

They need to make more of this. So good.

Yeah, I though it was pretty funny. Can’t wait for the inevitable, “YOU JUST ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD!!! PROJECT JUNEBUG!!!”

10/10, would read more.

My only complaint is: how could you create a Netrunner manga without including my schoolgirl waifu, Hayley Kaplan? :heart_eyes:

I’d love to see the professor in that. Probably the lazy old dude everyone discounts as being behind the times until the one duel where he completely curbstomps on some unsuspecting corp.

Or maybe that’s too unbelievable even for a manga :disappointed:

EDIT: I also feel like there’s a missed opportunity for tenma to face other tenmas playing some glaciery jinteki deck (RP with tenma line for flavor?)

“Their swapping their ice! if he doesn’t choose the right server now, he’s done for!”


He’d be the old guy who does nothing and then in the one duel he gets in the series its revealed he’s running single copies of all the legendary shards and the best icebreakers as per his ability.

Also imagine him with yugioh hair.


shit, honestly, I would watch the fuck out of a yu-gi-oh/netrunner remake.

Make it like Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 in that case - violent and a bit more “adult”, if you will. :wink:

No need for invisible guns, just show me the real deal, eh? :smile:

If they’d make it Dark and Gritty, I’d rather we just see the actual world of netrunner then XD

I need a print of this. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

right? I am seriously so desperate for more of them

If anything, I hear the artist’s usual rate for touching up and coloring something like this is around $100 USD. Anyone interested in doing some crowdfunding?

Oh snap! He did it again!
another comic by Jonathan Ying


That last panel is so perfect.

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