What if there were runner cards in the Corp deck

Imagine if you were playing a game of netrunner as the runner, and you saw a red card on top of r&d. What if that card, when accessed was put into your hand as a reward? Perhaps, a sideboard of cards one could put in their deck and add to the Corp deck? I feel like there’s some potential variant design space that could be reeeeal fun, this idea just came to my mind.

What if the corp draw it ?

Maybe the Corp gets to add one of their own sideboard cards. A corporate reserve, let’s say. I think it would be a great way to add lesser used, situational cards to the game

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The thing is, if the runner adds say 10 cards to the corp deck, than you would play vs 59 corp decks.

Either that or play normal games, just putting 10 of your runner cards in the corp deck and the corp remove 10 of her’s. But then it wouldn’t be a side anymore because you would still build in R45 / C49 (as of usual).

So the runner then also gets to access the card under it, that seems to be the only option?

This is just free draws then :confused:

Well, what if it’s also an incentive for the runner to run more? Like, if you don’t run R&D this turn, the Corp will draw something for themselves next turn.

Do you allow agendas in your side ?

  • yes : as a corp, you could make some agenda invulnerable from R&D access
  • no : as a runner, you know that card is not an agenda. With a 10 card “side”, 20 points in 39 cards is easier.

I’m sitting in an airport, quite mad at the world. I may be delirious, but I’m finding this thread hilarious. Thanks.

(assuming not jinteki) Happened to me all the time until my “kitchen table meta” (…) used different color sleeves. Everyone had to drink. Decent rule.


I’m reminded of the spider egg decks in Hex, where there’s all sorts of things that adds them to your opponent’s deck. When one is drawn or milled from your opponent’s deck, it immediately fires spawning a spider token creature for you and the opponent draws/mills again.

I think it’s a neat idea, but the spiders only really work because it’s a digital game and so you don’t have to worry about the logistical problems or accidentally leaving cards in your opponent’s deck between rounds of a tournament. Maybe in a alternate format like TD? I could see a campaign Jinteki card totally mining the crap out of the runner’s deck with cards that pop them for net damage when drawn.

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