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What if you could select a colour when building a deck?

I’ve been thinking about this for perhaps too long. What if you could change an ID’s faction during deck building? Do any ID/faction combos break the game? Is this interesting enough to try at a club night?

Criminal Kit or Quetzal would probably be strong.
Anarch Andy might be very good.
Noise almost certainly doesn’t move (though actually you can probably import enough viruses if you can use all Shaper’s Glue)

I haven’t thought as much about corp side. I think the good corp IDs are spread about pretty well. NEH might be a fit for shell game Jinteki, but probably isn’t as good as PE at it.

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Blue Sun out of HB would be pretty scary. Adonis and Eve in factior. BER doing what Oversight AI does!
Titan as NBN would also be insane. Beale is always worth 3 points, astro gets two counters on score, Market Research also is worth always 3.
TWIY* might be good as Weyland, lower deck size and an extra handsize for holding the kill pieces.
Tennin as Weyland with all those advanceable ICE!

I think Iain would be very good as a Big Rig shaper aswell.


I think Andy in criminal might be totally busted