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What is the best way to create a community?

It’s only an hour-forty minutes and $277 to fly down!

…Yeah, sorry, didn’t know you were that far out.

Next best option is to probably play online.

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Yeah, I have the Crossroad Games store championship in my calendar, but it sounds like they have pretty limited attendance. They show a weekly tournament in their calendar, but I wouldn’t want to drive 4+ hours just to play my brother again.

The best I’ve ever managed to do was make a pair of decks I brought around to teach people how to play with, but it became problematic as I wanted to tweak the decks, and people were upset that the game kept changing on them. Netrunner takes a bit of a commitment to dive into and really play to develop as a player.

Are there any comic book stores of board game groups around that you can recuit/look for players at?

Yeah there’s the collectible shop where they do Magic stuff. Board games are not very appreciated in this town.

Yeah, I play in the Stimhack League. If I was going to spend that much money, I’d go to nationals. :smile: