What to ditch for Bloo Moose?

I’ve been looking at my decks trying to figure out what to drop for Bloo Moose.

My Andy deck runs the typical cards - Dirty Laundry, Sure Gamble, Desperado, Daily Casts, Temujin Contract, Aeneas Informant.

My first thought was to drop Daily Casts since Moose seems like a straight upgrade, but since then I’ve been wondering if it would be better to ditch Dirty Laundry, which is a card I really like but does not come close to giving the kind of long-term econ of the Moose.

I have a similar question with my Reg Whizz deck.

Everyone agrees that Bloo Moose is ridiculously strong and over-powered. How do you evaluate what to drop for it?

I would ditch Daily Cast over Dirty Laundry, just because Dirty laundry nets you creds while running, that click can be important in some cases, also works well with Temujin (you can take both in the same action, plus the run acces).
Anyway, if you only care about total credit generation, of course ditching out a Dirty Laundry is the correct answer (as is the card that gives less net credits), but I doubt that is the case in a deck with such strong economy.

Would honestly rather ditch aeneas. Laundry is underwhelming, but it is nice to be able to play 4 cards turn 1, and even though they can seem not worthwhile, they have much more value early. Aeneas is mediocre/bad against moon hb, but good against slower asset spam, which I think moose can shine against too. Nice to have money when glacier decks shut down run econ (and yes, glacier still exists).

I’m in favor of replacing Dirty Laundry, then maybe reduce the number of Daily Casts. But, if you do have room for Casts, Bloo, ERH, and Temujin, then should probably try to fit in a few Career Fairs.

Since you likely already have triplicates of Desperado and Temujin, and possibly Aeneas, there’s no reason to overload the run-based economy. There’s enough Ag, Tennin, Sol, and some flavors of Weyland, where it’ll be difficult to get much value from Dirty Laundry.

If you’re having doubts about Aeneas against Moons, then you may not have seen @shmeguy’s work at the London Regional:

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Bloo Moose goes 3x in basically every normal deck. Don’t think of it as cutting for Bloo Moose. Put the 3 Moose in first and then finish your deck :stuck_out_tongue:


this has been my assessment as well. Aeneas just can’t keep up with Moon at all

Dirty Laundry is important to keep in Andy because of the value in the opening hand. Of course, saving a click while running is also great in the late game. I’d ditch the Casts for Moose (all 3, mandatory).

Aeneas is not the best against Moons, true, but it’s not that SecTest is any better. If you’re able to get control over the board (which admittedly is very hard if their start is good), then 1 Aeneas + Despi is a turn of Magnum Opus that can help you keep up when the spamming starts again. It’s of course also good while Medium digging.