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What to do with all the netrunner leftovers?

There are a lot of “leftovers” that somehow pile up when you play Netrunner. Most get thrown away because it is just packaging or because no one has any idea what to do with it. Fact is, they all have the artwork we love (or hate) and it ends in the bin most of the time.

I’d like to know what you do with the stuff in case you don’t throw it away and of course I will show what I did so far.

Posters (part of most of the tournament kits)

framed some for my office at work:

I love the artwork, although some colleagues find it disturbing.

Interestingly this is far less of a problem, maybe because the picture tells more of a story and doesn’t leave as much to imagination.

However, the majority of the posters I used at home to decorate the bathroom. Still need a lot more to cover the top half of the whole room.

Organized play booklet (tournament kits again)
I framed the picture of Fast Track to generate the trophy for the Euregio Championship which will go each year to the current winner. The idea is that each winner signs the trophy with his name/nick and the date t have nice trophy to go around the whole area given enough time. In a few weeks the third Euregio tournament will be held in Aachen/Germany. (picture of the trophy follows)

Leftover IDs and datapack packaging.
No idea where I first noticed it, but they can be used to make nice buttons as extra prices for torunaments. Something like best Noise player gets one, etc. If you do this for all ids and the local community contributes with just one set of the extra ids you get to do a lot tournaments with some extra prices for very little money. (still in progress)

So what do you do with all the leftovers are you just throwing it away?


I put them in the drawer of purgatory. (Bonus points to the first who recognized the reference.)