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What's your decoder?

I’m curious what decoders people are using. Which decoder do you put in your “main” deck? Vote for your most used decoder here. Note - this isn’t your favorite decoder, so all you Force of Nature fanboys better actually be running it.

If you modify your decoder (yogosaurus, dinosage, personally touching your peacock, etc.) how and why?



fully expect Zu and Rex to be most represented

I don’t see Eater on the list.

There’s an “I only use AIs!” option.

I don’t even have a “main” deck, still trying to find one that I really enjoy playing and isn’t total garbage at the same time…XD

Steve_Houston’s Val’s Pals deck uses Gordian, and that’s what I’m playing most right now.

Kiv’s Noiseshop uses Crypsis and Knight as decoders.

Those are the two decks I’m playing most right now.

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Gordian and Zu most likely.

Yeah. Generally these two will be the most reliable and efficient.

EDIT: Yog.0 does deserve a mention though. While you need a backup for Lotus Field, it can completely negate almost everything else with sucker support.

every crim i know of plays at least 1 rex, not every shaper plays gordian


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Also, suprised by the popularity of Gordian.

I’m a yogger and I’m proud of it. I was born this way.



More detail.

There’s at least 2 people who really like Leviathan and Force of Nature :<

Cyber-Cypher with Torch backup all the way!

What really chaps my ass about FoN is that even with datasuckers, which define anarchs, it doesn’t make FoN any better. Like, making it start at 2 or install of even just 4 might have made it borderline playable (except yog would always overshadow it…). Until every code gate is 2 subroutines that shit is keeping my coffee table level by filling in the gap between the bible and the leg.

I had a friend play Leviathan in a criminal deck he made. Like, legitimately.

He is not super - good at card evaluation, methinks. Great guy, though. :slight_smile:

I won a game using Leviathan. It was the biggest shocked face I got during a game where I power napped for 20 credits and also had starlight crusade funding in the deck. I might revisit the concept come Drive By (with Peacock :p).

Gordian here. It can be Modded. It has higher starting strength than Zu which is often relevant and pays off over the course of the game. The “retain strength for the whole run” thing mucks up how the corp would like to play their ice out sometimes. And my main deck is a shaper so the influence cost doesn’t affect me.

Force of Nature plus Stimhack can get through a Tollbooth. Though a Crypsis can too, if you’re worried about getting locked out of datasucker tokens.