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When can we expect an update to the tournament winning decklists page?

There still isn’t First Contact decklists, let alone Up and Over :frowning: What’s up with that?

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You should ask for your money back.


Is this really not bothering anyone?

Actually, it’s about ethics in game journalism.


I wouldn’t say it is bothering me, and I don’t feel I’m owed anything, and I’m enjoying all the other aspects of the site, but I do miss seeing the newest tournament winning decklists.


So what you’re saying is that you’re volunteering your time and effort to remedy the situation, ideally by developing a better, more long-term sustainable solution… right?


We were actually thinking about finding someone new to keep it up to date, if anyone is interested. Aside from that though, you have to remember that regionals and nationals have been over for a bit and worlds is coming up next week, so there aren’t a lot of very important tournament results coming through at this time.


What is required to do that? Read emails, format the contents and then post them?

I appreciate what you guys do here // that such a tournament winning decklist page exists. It’s a great resource to be able to see what people have accomplished across the world, and it is a Netrunner ribbon of honour to have your decks make that list. I love to see the overall trend in winners, and how that evolves as various datapacks get released.

It would be nice to see it get updated a little more frequently. If the doors are somewhat open in this establishment, I’m sure there are people who would be willing to help the cause.

I’d be interested as well. Can split the work.

Out of curiosity; What is the better more long term solution considered to be?

While we are suggesting things it would be great to have top 8 lists posted, especially for big events where elimination rounds are meaningful. Posting winner’s lists is great but consistent representation on the top tables is a much more significant measure of power than a single win, and it would be great to have more data to analyse. Of course, there’s collection costs (it’s more difficult to format and enter eight lists compared to only one) but, for example, posting the top 8 for a 50-person tournament is worth more than 8 winners of 10 player tournaments, and less effort.

Stuff already discussed and analyzed in the TWD thread. The problem with the current setup is that it’s insane time-consuming to put decks into the TWD Archive, simply because of all the formatting work needed within Wordpress. Some kind of automation for the individual tasks needed would go a long way.

Count me in as well. Anything to help the community.

I was assuming this slowdown was a combo of the ‘off-season’ before Worlds, as @mediohxcore noted (no Plugged In this year), and the waning interest in the game from the site runners.

I think, and no disrespect intended, that it’s more the later. Which is why it makes sense to consider a system that is user managed rather than admin-managed; building that system is hard, but acoo.net has a variant. It just needs to be managed by the TO, which in the states a lot of TOs don’t care enough to do.


Could we work out a solution with the guy who runs netrunnerdb for a submission system? We could also cook up an easy google form which would dump the results out to a shared email for the caretakers of the page. If you include things like an email for the TO, it would be easy to get in touch with the person responsible, confirm things like attendance minimums and whether or not the tournament was run and the results accurate. If we make a system that creates a queue it should be pretty easy to manage with a few people and a few minutes a week.

Where is the global meta?! We’re running blind out here!!


I figured as much. Typing each and every decklist along with formatting can only last so long.

I suggest finding the Source of a wordpress script out in the net, or maybe hiring some Interns (volunteers) to hand-type the lists that are still being posted in the thread, or giving a ring to the Awakening Center to preorder some Biotic Labor for the upcoming Worlds decklists.