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Where is the MWL? - As of August 20th, 2018 - MWL 2.2 is here (effective 2018.09.06)


I guess you never played the Dune CCG then!

Sorry, I’ll see myself out… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in the Alps trying to chase 3g :slight_smile:

Ok since this is “the” contreversy.

Runner comes in a central when you’re 10c, put Tapwrm, what do you do : either ice / agenda remote so you’re under 10c and if the guy peaces you, you say thx & score, if he’s not, you rez anything and his tap is voided OR you start the flush minigame.

That’s what I do. Last time, I used 7c to instal CVS, Biotic, flush-flush.
Next turn runner peace me out, flush then what, he made me lose a Biotic.

There’s other time you can manage to homework the guy since you REALLY DON’T CARE tapcon in thousand cuts, since 50% of the time tap or ssacon goes in the toilets directly through Snares or score.

This means : there is decks who don’t care, where all this inf could be better inf. If player reacts to meta like this, Tapcon goes out of meta the normal way. It is NOT an omniweapon.

All of you guys tend to forget that if the corp have tons of money, then his ice is unrez. So rez them NAing something, instead of waiting a sot legwork or indexing. Even there, you’re rich, so rez things. Then you choose if you go frenzy on flush or not. Flushing is a corp decision.


Hardly any of the previous analysis makes any sense. I don’t think it just that it seems that the post was composed in Google Translate from another language.

If the Corp is spending 7 credits, a Biotic and CVS to trash 2 0-cost cards, the runner is coming out way ahead than 3 credits.


Runner hardly won 3c “minimum” from it then. Money he won was mainly through his Peace.

Choice to do that is the corpo. If she believe it’s the tempo key, then it is. If she thinks it’s better to do something else then it is.
The guy used 7 clics and the price of a run and gained Peace and a few spare credits, played a 4 card loose combo to make me lose 6 clics, Biotic CVS and 2c.

Syphon used to hit harder than that then I’m sorry not to be impressed I guess.


Sunny’s console is actually the card I lose more game than anything made of worm.

Quick, make us a deck called The Corsican Cheese !


I don’t fear the card enough to purge multiple times just to get rid of it.

If I find myself caring at all I would probably try to keep credits under 10 to stifle the drip.

My usual Corp deck doesn’t care much about Runner credits most of the time, anyway, so I probably have a warped view.


Casu Marzu : Moving Destiny
Neutral corp 45/25

Sleeve all your agendas in your skying sockets and dare the runner to steal them.

Do you really want to cut ?


With the Wu thread, I wonder if SMC is a good candidate to transform in unicorn ?

Complaints about this card are known and I’m not sure to like the idea of Wu coming with 3x SMC, 3x Reclaim and either 3x Clone Chips or Levy, and the rest of programs like Au Revoir + 1c programs + that ressource giving 1c each time you trash a card (meaning another 3c clic) + Apocalypse or something ?


IT’S HERE! Effective 2/26.


Aesop’s Pawnshop
Clone Chip
Employee Strike
Film Critic
Gang Sign
Levy AR Access
Magnum Opus
Rumor Mill

Aaron Marron
Bloo Moose
Salvaged Vandis Armory
Temujin Contract

Bio-Ethics Association
Brain Rewiring
Estelle Moon
Fairchild 3.0
Global Food Initiative
Hunter Seeker
Mother Goddess
Mumba Temple
Mumbad City Hall
Museum of History
Obokata Protocol
Whampoa Reclamation

Clone Suffrage Movement
Friends in High Places
Sensie Actors Union
Violet Level Clearance


Interesting, though I’m not happy to see another blanket solution (Rumor Mill) added back into the runner card pool. I think Employee Strike and Film Critic are awful, and now we have Rumor Mill back too. Booo.

Otherwise, looks interesting to me. Thanks to FFG for updating!


I think it’s interesting that this new MWL seems targeted at nerfing CI (mostly Rewiring version, but really in general) and PU while doing essentially nothing to CtM, which I think many players would argue was one of the top decks of the previous MWL era.

Now this could be because of the perception that CtM is more of a “fair” deck, and thus not as problematic within the meta, but it definitely seems like NBN will come out on top after these changes go into effect.


As someone who has played a lot of CTM, I don’t know that it needed a nerf. The good meta runner decks – Comrades Val, Tapwrm Hayley, etc. – give it a lot of problems.


Need to change the date again!


Article by the Boggs-father about the update is up.

Interesting bit:
"Before we get started with individual cards, we would like to specifically address the potency and prevalence of Cerebral Imaging. Though it did not make its way onto the final version, during various iterations of testing, Cerebral Imaging was a candidate for both the Restricted and Removed sections of the Most Wanted List. However, we eventually decided that it was better to hit the cards that enabled Cerebral Imaging, specifically Violet Level Clearance, rather than the identity itself. The enablers are what skyrocketed Cerebral Imaging from an obscure identity to the powerhouse it is now. While removing Cerebral Imaging may have been the cleanest solution, it would take away an identity that so many people enjoy playing.

That being said, over the next few months, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Cerebral Imaging’s performance. If things do not shake out the way we anticipate, we will take whatever action necessary to ensure events are fun and diverse."


I’m not necessarily saying that CtM needed a nerf or anything like that, just that it seems like CtM’s power level relative to the field went up in a fairly big way.


Does someone have a comprehensive NRDB search string for all non-rotated cards Rumor Mill hits?


Ah, I gotcha. Yeah, I would agree with that sentiment.


rumor mill targets:


Seems a bit messier than I’d like. Once again doesn’t impact any of my decks! (Although I guess my Reine could swap strikes for Mills).

I definitely don’t like Rumour Mill returning and I’m not sure why it is. I guess without Jackson and Caprice it may not be as popular. Tapwyrm going on seems fair from a meta shakeup point of view if you want diverse Shaper decks.

Does anyone else feel a bit sad for Mother Goddess? I guess you can still do mythic, but not with Moonsd or Rewiring. I’d have thought VLC would be fine just restricted too.


I imagine this change was just a concession to how good CI is. I imagine if CI continues to dominate VLC would come off the list and CI would get banned.