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Where is the MWL? - As of August 20th, 2018 - MWL 2.2 is here (effective 2018.09.06)


my 2 cents on rumor mill:

When 3x jackson was in, you just had to know that RM was out there and expect it. This was not great for deck diversity-- not only did it hose the defensive upgrades that made scoring glacier decks like foodcoats work, but it also screwed over decks that happened to have an innocent bystander in an important role (like Mark Yale in Titan decks, Batty in rigshooter decks, etc).

While RM was banned, it was good for corp diversity because “innocent bystanders” were safe to build around (or at least make an important part of your game plan).

Now that RM is un-banned, I expect to play a lot more corp games where I randomly get hosed by it, even if its main target is Moons + Stinson and they aren’t in my deck. So, it remains to be seen what impact it has on corp diversity. I think that best case scenario, it either (a) encourages corps to add another current or 2/1 to help clear it in a pinch or (b) encourages corps to play decks that don’t necessarily rely on the main RM targets to win. It’s also possible that the existence of RM pushes players back to horizontal games, which (moons aside) don’t rely on unique cards as much as vertical strategies.

RM’s existence introduces a dependency between the power level and popularity of every unique asset/upgrade that gets printed, which seems like a nightmare to manage. It raises the risk of a long inter-MWL stretch where RM sets up a lot of frustrated corp players and a narrow range of viable corp strategies.

That all being said, Boggs and the playtesters did great with the last MWL and the current cycle, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt for now.


FFG OP tweeted no change yesterday after about 2 months since the last update:

I find this update incredibly encouraging.


agreed. While I think it’s still “funny” that this kind of progress in communication was even required, I am also glad that this progress was made.

I wonder how long it takes to put together a new MWL with changes. If whoever is doing it is dedicated to the task, probably a few days? The more I think about it, perhaps a few weeks?

My theoretical order of operations:

  1. Let the Store Championship Season wrap up
  2. Head to Tournament Aggregation Data Sites
  3. Examine what has consistently won
  4. Take a look and figure out if the decks that are winning are bad for the game (if yes, go to 5)
  5. Decide which parts of the deck are inherently bad
  6. Decide if cards should come on/off the current MWL
  7. Create sound, logical rationales for each card (both in entering and exiting the MWL)
  8. Provide proof to FFG management/OP/Etc.
  9. Draft the MWL document
  10. Hit send?

While 1-3 are pretty quick to do, 4-7 seem like that would be something that can’t be done right away. 8 means dealing with management and who knows how long that might take. 9 is probably done through the entire process, so it’s ready to go at this point.

I wouldn’t be surprised if changes were needed to be made, that this announcement doesn’t come out in such a timely fashion.


If changes needed to be made though, they could still do an announcement that they are looking at making changes and we should expect to hear something over the next few weeks. As I understand it this is what Blizzard has been known to do with hearthstone balance issues.


Great point–a pre-annoucement announcement would be just as well received, I would think.


This announcement makes sense, the corp metagame is a bit weak, but I expect that either 1) They expect that to change with the second half of this cycle or more likely 2) They don’t want to neuter Runner to bring up the corp power level


Does anyone know (and is allowed to discuss) what sort of testing goes into MWL changes? I’d be shocked if there wasn’t any, and they had just gone “Temujin, Bloo Moose, and to a lesser extent MO suck, here’s a paragraph of theorycrafting about what runner econ will be like without any of them, let’s just see what happens”


I’m pretty sure Boggs or Damon has said on a podcast that they have several testing groups that try different MWL variations to see the affects each has. With restrictions or bans.


It’s clear that they listened to all of us moaning about how the last update was late and they hadn’t told us when to expect it (if at all) until the moment it actually dropped, and I love that they’ve taken our complaints on board and being a bit more regular and open about it! :slight_smile:

Also, the timing seems clear that this is supposed to last us through regionals season, which is also awesome, it’s very sensible to do your balance updates in between competitive seasons so people with busy lives have time to test their tournament decks and then stick with them for all the tournaments they go to.


Yeah, testing is definitely needed and designer have mentioned that it’s done.

It will be interesting to know if Boggs uses tournament aggregate tools like ABR; Damon talked about using data that was provided by someone he trusted. I hope that Boggs takes a wider view from all available sources.

Also, I forgot to mention when I posted the Twitter link, now is a good opportunity to let FFG OP that they are doing good job, since we’ve given them constructive feedback when they weren’t.


I ran an SC this season, and part of the kit had instructions for submitting a report back to FFG with some basic attendance numbers and information about the event. I can’t remember how much detail was specified, but I definitely pointed them to our event’s ABR page. If others are doing the same, then they should have a good amount of data to work with.


As of 08/09/2018, MWL was leaked. This we have right now is (changed in italics):

Clone Chip
Fairchild 3.0

Aesop’s Pawnshop
Employee Strike
Film Critic
Gang Sign
Levy AR Lab Access
Mad Dash
Magnum Opus
Rumor Mill

Bio-Ethics Association
Bryan Stinson
Brain Rewiring
Clone Suffrage Movement
Global Food Initiative
Hunter Seeker
Mother Goddess
Mumba Temple
Mumbad City Hall
Obokata Protocol
Potential Unleashed
Skorpios Defense Systems
Violet Level Clearance
Whampoa Reclamation

Aaron Marrón
Bloo Moose
Mars for Martians
Salvaged Vanadis Armory
Temüjin Contract

24/7 News Cycle
Estelle Moon
Cerebral Imaging
Museum of History
Friends in High Places
Sensie Actors Union

Maxwell James: Derez a piece of ice protecting a remote server. Use this ability only during the next paid ability window after a successful run on HQ ends

Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 7 starts August 5

If true, we’re in for an interesting conclusion to FFG Netrunner.

SPORTSMETAL can win worlds!

(or most likely CtM)


I was starting to get worried that FFG was just going to abandon the game and not put out a new MWL. Honestly, it had me feeling pretty discouraged about attending world’s because I didn’t want to play against CV Val 7 times in a row.

If these changes turn out to be true, I think the final state of the game should be pretty balanced considering they addressed most of the popular grievances (CV + zer0, CI, PU and Skorpios). Should be a very exciting meta after all!

Edit: Have to say though I’m disappointed that Rebirth isn’t in Mad Dash’s restricted slot. Would have liked to have seen Val hit a pinch harder.


What was wrong with CI? It wasn’t even in an overcentralizing position within its own faction.

I liked the restricted list when it forced specialized decks like Skorpios which need a specific card to function to give up their other restricted options but giving Skorpios and PU the finger like that is just dirty.

Hyperdriver is also an interesting ban when setting up big turns is so clunky at the moment. Why restrict the diversity of decks when those decks aren’t a problem in the tournament scene (and never will be because no new sets)?

Counter surveillance or similar tag me decks have their risks already. You can’t play them in a tournament without losing to HPT, so why twist the knife by banning Mars for Martians?

Even with CV/Zer0 (a combo that really isn’t as oppressive in my opinion as some would make it out to be) I’ve quite loved the competitive meta and the rich balance between viability and innovation that has been occuring in the tournament scene. I expected a few small surgical changes, not a hacksaw aimed at punishing strategies which seem undesirable rather than powerful.


Must have not seen the results of GenCon last weekend?


I think this list shows Boggs’ solid approach to MWL. Not only is he addressing problem cards, he’s considering what rises to the top when those cards are removed and seeing if they are problems as well when the power vacuum is created. It looks like the development team is doing a lot of testing.


I mostly get my tournament news from regulatly checking torunament decks on Netrunnerdb, I don’t know where to find relevant streams or reports. How prevalent was CI in Gencon?


Top 3 of GenCon was CI/Val with Zer0.

Unfortunately, hardly any players have gotten around to claiming theirs spots on ABR, and have probably not posted their lists on NRDB. But you can find the Twitch VOD from the ABR page for GenCon.


hehe, can the new board bring Boggs on as a consultant? Poor guy only got to create like 100 cards :wink: