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Winning Decklist, Trip Report. Sci-Fi City, Orlando, FL

Lists and commentary:

6 players: 5 local veterans, 1 new guy.

3 Rounds.


Textbook GRNDL Supermodernism. This deck savages people, and then rifles through their pockets for loose change.

Game 1: Won, SEA+Scorch+Scorch
Game 2: Won Turn 2, Scorched Earth. New guy floated tags with 3 cards in hand.
Game 3: Won, SEA+Scorch+Scorch


This is a good deck I am very bad at playing.

Game 1: Lost to Turbo NBN. Source helped, but kept me from stealing an NAPD.
Game 2: Won, new guy, savaged his EtF economy early on.
Game 3: Replicating Jinteki w/Nisei. Got 2 3pt pulls early, then lost on a mis-judged trap that turned out to be a Priority Req.

End record: 3-0 Corp, 2-1 Runner. Won narrowly by Strength of Schedule tiebreaker.

Thank you to Troy from Sci-Fi City for handling the event.

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The new guy I can understand, what about the others though? No Carapaces? Or did you Shutdown them? Or just stupidity with ending turn at < 4 ?

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No Carapaces. It’s a rush deck. Just pulled out what I needed when I needed it via a rushed +2 Atlas. This deck is VERY fast.