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Winning Decklists: 2014 Season One Tournament in Barrie

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/winning-decklists-2014-season-one-tournament-in-barrie/

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Gabriel Santiago – 2014 Season One Build
Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional (Core Set)

Event (19)
3x Account Siphon (Core Set)
3x Easy Mark (Core Set)
3x Emergency Shutdown (Cyber Exodus)
1x Indexing (Future Proof) •••
3x Inside Job (Core Set)
3x Special Order (Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)

Hardware (4)
2x Desperado (Core Set)
2x HQ Interface (Humanity’s Shadow)

Resource (13)
3x Armitage Codebusting (Core Set)
3x Crash Space (Core Set)
2x Kati Jones (Humanity’s Shadow)
2x Mr. Li (Future Proof)
3x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)

Icebreaker (6)
2x Corroder (Core Set) ••••
2x Gordian Blade (Core Set) ••••• •
2x Ninja (Core Set)

Program (3)
1x Magnum Opus (Core Set) ••
2x Sneakdoor Beta (Core Set)

15 influence spent (max 15)

45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Creation and Control

The World Is Yours – 2014 Season One Build
NBN: The World is Yours
(Future Proof)

Agenda (9)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program (Core Set)
3x Corporate War (Future Proof)
3x Project Beale (Future Proof)

Asset (5)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves)
2x Melange Mining Corp. (Core Set)

Upgrade (3)
3x SanSan City Grid (Core Set)

Operation (9)
3x Beanstalk Royalties (Core Set) •••
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
3x Sweeps Week (True Colors)

Barrier (5)
2x Wall of Thorns (Core Set) ••
3x Wraparound (Fear and Loathing)

Code Gate (5)
3x Enigma (Core Set)
2x Tollbooth (Core Set)

Sentry (5)
2x Flare (Future Proof)
3x Ichi 1.0 (Core Set) ••••• •

ICE (3)
3x Chimera (Cyber Exodus)

11 influence spent (max 12)
18 agenda points (between 18 and 19)
44 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Fear and Loathing

That is one odd NBN list, Wall of Thorns? Flare? x3 Corporate War?

Aha, these were my decklists! I was just browsing for TWIY deck lists for ICE distribution help and I stumbled upon this. However, I want to make it very clear that I didn’t win the tourney that day. On my netrunnerDB page (assumably where this decklist was pulled from), I noted that I went 5-0 in matches that day. However, I didn’t have enough points for first place.

Wall of Thorns was a need for a good late game barrier. I wouldn’t touch TMI outside of Making News. Same with Flare. Just the need for something to slow down the Runner later in the game. And Corporate War was because I didn’t want more than 9 agendas and I am absolutely terrified of being broke. A lot of people commented on the strangeness of the deck, but honestly, it absolutely shut out the guy who ended up winning that day, so it works. I’ve made so many modifications since :stuck_out_tongue:

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What modifications have you made, do you mind posting the decklist?

Did you ever get flare to trigger its full effect?

Not a problem. This latest version wants to score the 4/2 out of hand, because the Corporate War (or the Character Assassinations that we changed) aren’t doing anything for the deck other than filling a requirement. So cheaper ICE, more asset economy, and Midseasons/psycho should let score those from hand. This is the latest version of the deck, pretty drastically different;

Agenda (9)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program
3x Market Research
3x Project Beale

Asset (7)
2x Adonis Campaign ••••
2x GRNDL Refinery ••••
3x Jackson Howard

Upgrade (3)
3x SanSan City Grid

Operation (10)
3x Hedge Fund
2x Midseason Replacements
2x Psychographics
3x Sweeps Week

Barrier (5)
2x Bastion
3x Wraparound

Code Gate (5)
3x Pop-up Window
2x Tollbooth

Sentry (5)
2x Grim
3x Rototurret •••

As for the Flare, I don’t think it triggered during the season one tourney. However, I think that was because I was too broke to rez it. In testing my deck prior to the tourney, it definitely has triggered many times. The problem was I never got the chance to test against a criminal, and holding onto 9 extra credits and then outbidding a criminal is a hard thing to do effectively. The barrie meta, as I found out, is mostly Blue.