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Winning Decklists: Bluegrass Magic Gameshop Store Championship 2014

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/winning-decklists-bluegrass-magic-gameshop-store-championship-2014/

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Chaos Theory
40 cards: 15 influence

Levy AR Lab Access x2
Sure Gamble x3
Test Run x3
Dirty Laundry x3
Diesel x3

Plascrete Carapace x2
Grimoire x2
Clone Chip x3

Self Modifying Code x3
Femme Fatale x1
Keyhole x1
Atman x3
Deus X x1
Parasite x2
Datasucker x3

Daily Casts x3
Personal Workshop x2

Weyland: BABW

45 cards: 15 influence

Government Contracts x3
Geothermal Fracking x1
Project Atlas x3
Hostile Takeover x3

Hedge Fund x3
Restructure x2
Beanstalk Royalties x3
Green Level Clearance x2
Power Shutdown x2

Aggressive Secretary x2
Jackson Howard x3

Grim x2
Archer x2
Tollbooth x2
Enigma x3
Bastion x2
Wall of Static x2
Ice Wall x3

Corporate Troubleshooter x2

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Looks like the runner deck is missing at least 3 cards. I only count 37.

Yeah, my bad. There should be three SMCs as well. Forgot to put those in the post on BGG.

Whoops :blush:



Thanks! I like the idea of Keyhole in of Chaos Theory a lot. How well did it do in the tournament?

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@tvaduva: Pretty horribly if you must know. We played 5 rounds total (only eleven people so 3 swiss and cut to the top four) and out of those here were my results:

Round 1: Lose to NBN MN Fast Advance (scored a Beale).
Round 2: Lose to Weyland Tag & Bag (on my second turn mind you, n00b mistake)
Round 3: Win against NBN TWIY Rush (my opponent scored 4 points)
Semifinals: Lose to NBN MN fast-advance (scored 2 points and my corp deck winds up pulling through)
Finals: Score 5 points rather quickly (only needed 5 to win) because my opponent got the worst opening hand ever.

I think the idea has potential but my runner skills aren’t up to scratch. I’m thinking about taking out the Grimoires for a second Parasite and two Stimhacks. Also, Personal Workshop did nothing ever (though, to be fair I only played Weyland once and lost before either of us got anything going) so I’m gonna try dropping them for Kati Jones (needs a bit more econ). The new chip from Fear and Loathing (+2 mu) might go in (Keyhole takes up to much MU even with CTs bonus) or maybe Dysons (link is always nice).

Anyway, My runner deck had a lackluster pilot but I’ll be practicing more now.

And if you are wondering, my Weyland deck won every single game (and only gave up 4 points in the finals). It has been my obsession for the past three or four months and I think I’ve almost perfected it (a bit unorthodox but that’s how I like it).


@Bioroid86 Thanks for the detailed response. That’s surprising to me. I like your suggestions for improvements.

I think I’ll try how will it does with SOT instead of one Levy, your Kati Jones suggestion (instead of the Workshops). Swap mem chip for the Grimoire, to save influence for 2 Stimhacks and another Parasite (although I like Grimoire a lot). And see if I can fit in Sharpshooter.

Yeah, the deck was the merging of An Old Pair of Sights (http://boardgamegeek.com/video/40470/android-netrunner/netrunner-with-scott-20sided-tournament-februa) and the only runner deck to beat my corp deck at the Chilo City Grudge Match (Parasite+Atman+Datasucker=free(ish) R&D access and from there she milled all my ICE via Keyhole).

I was going to take a turbo rig deck with The Source to slow my opponent down and I’m still on edge about that. The Source can wreck the Astro train but 6 influence ewww…

Anyway, my biggest issue with Chaos Theory is getting down to forty cards. Levy has a place (I think) because Jinteki is a thing and Net Shield is better than Deus Ex in that matchup (I went with Deus Ex because it can break a Hiemdall if I need it). I used Grimoire once all day and needed more Parasites multiple times so -2 Grimoire +1 Parasite definitely and I think Stimhack is the best choice for the last two influence (though you could make a case for Cyberfeeder or another Femme and a Stimhack).

Off to playtest…

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You miss around 5 cards in your corp deck list

@trzystadrzew No, it really is a 45 card corp deck (and I’ll be the first to admit it’s odd :smile:) .

A few months ago I read the Supermodernism thread on BGG and somebody mentioned that all of the ICE in that deck could be put on the remote (hard ETR ICE or Grims) so I cut the Caduceus and my Shadows (down to 45 cards) and tried it on OCTGN to decide what ICE to put back in. Long story short, I found the 45 card version to be more consistent than the 49 variant (it’ll go back to 49 cards when Changeling comes out). I get agenda flooded consistently and my opponent throws down R&D Interfaces and breaks his economy getting into R&D only to see nothing. Meanwhile, I score an Atlas with two tokens (behind Ice Wall + Enigma or Enigma + Wall of Static or Grim + Ice Wall or another combo, any two ICE work here as long as they aren’t both barriers or code gates) which are usually turned into Takeovers for Archer fodder or a Government Contracts. I get a Secretary in my remote and advance it twice. The runner runs (always) and I kill the Corroder and whatever code gate breaker they have (usually Yog.0) and score my seventh point while they try to get their rig back up.

I’ve had a lot of experience with this deck vs. Andromeda (and she struggles against this deck because she runs Mimic and only one copy of Yog) so I took this to the tournament (expecting to see lots of Andy) but I played Chaos Theory twice, Reina once and Kate twice. Shapers are a more difficult matchup but they run one copy of their breakers too and you can kill the Clone Chips via Power Shutdown to make the Secretary fatal.

Anyway, talked enough about the deck. It plays similarly to Supermodernism but I like the program-trashing version over the Scorched Earth variant. Also, I didn’t have a single game that wasn’t a blast (unlike the NBN FA deck that everybody brings to a tournament) which is really nice.

If I didn’t explain something well please ask questions.