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Winning Decklists: Gamer's Gauntlet Store Championship 2014

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/winning-decklists-gamers-gauntlet-store-championship-2014/

All new tournament winning decklists will now be hitting the forums for discussion. Think these decks are strong, bad, makes weird choices, defines a new archetype? Let us know what you think.

Gamer’s Gauntlet Store Championship 2014 True Colors tournament winning decklists:

Kate “Mac McCaffrey
Event (19)
3x Diesel
3x Dirty Laundry
1x Escher
2x Modded
2x Quality Time
2x Scavenge
3x Stimhack ***
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (10)
3x Clone Chip
2x Grimoire ****
2x Plascrete Carapace
3x R&D Interface

Resource (3)
3x Daily Casts

Icebreaker (5)
3x Atman
1x Femme Fatale *
1x Mimic *

Program (8)
3x Datasucker ***
1x Magnum Opus
1x Medium ***
3x Self-modifying Code

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future
Agenda (9)
3x Accelerated Beta Test
2x Priority Requisition
1x Project Ares
3x Project Vitruvius

Asset (6)
3x Jackson Howard ***
3x PAD Campaign

Event (13)
3x Biotic Labor
3x Hedge Fund
3x Restructure
2x Successful Demonstration
2x Sweeps Week ****

Barrier (9)
2x Paper Wall
3x Eli 1.0
2x Heimdall 1.0
2x Heimdall 2.0

Code Gate (8)
3x Enigma
2x Next Bronze
3x Tollbooth ******

Sentry (4)
2x Grim
2x Janus 1.0

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A day later and I’m still furious about my loss to this HB deck. I hate losing to HB. So much :D.

why the project ares?

I think largely because it entertains Tim :).

Haha, It does entertain me, major lolz when you can 10 advance a Project Ares :wink:

My thoughts for including it…

  1. It’s a 2/4 and it fills a spot. Maybe a couple 1/3s would be better? I wanted the lowest agenda density (using the 2/3s of course) as possible.
  2. When it hits, it’s a surprise. I’ve never seen one played against me. I suspect this is the same for most others. And if I can slowly get it to 3 or 4 behind some ice and not score or rez it, there just might be a chance that my opponent may ignore it. In this tournament I over advanced it only once, but I was able to take out a keyhole and a breaker.
  3. It has a higher ceiling than the other 2 pointers (except perhaps Mandatory Upgrades, but that can become useless late game) The other 2/4s would probably have a higher value per game, but for a single card that I’m not building my deck around, I’ll take the higher ceiling over greater average value.

Am I miscounting, or does the HB deck really only have 13 influence (3 JH + 2 SW + 3 TB)?