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World live results or something?

Is there anything online?

Uh ? The Worlds championship is in 2 weeks. Not now :smiley:

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Only if you have a time machine to the future, my friend.

Hah, someone got their weekends mixed up :smiley:

hint: it’s me.

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I believe there are plans by FFG to livestream some matches though, correct?


Really? Nice!

Pretty sure Ian Birdsall told me that via twitter, but it was a month ago so plans may have changed (or I may entirely be making it up in my mind with wishful thinking).

Kate, NEH first. andy neh second.

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They streamed a few of the elim matches last year, I’d be shocked if they didnt have better coverage this time around. The Durham Regionals had streaming footage of the top tables all tournament, I hope FFG won’t be shown up by them.

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Andy NEH first, Kate NEH second. :smile:

Noise and Blue Sun first, standard bullshit second.


Anything but Andy/Kate // any Fast Advance and I’ll be happy.

Hopefully the location they stream from isn’t a freezer! Only complaint about that entire event, haha.