Worlds 2014 2nd place decklists

So there is only one way to solve this. The Jinteki World series…


One beauty of Worlds was having 3 separate Jin IDs make the T16. No other Corp even boasted two, IIRC.


Has anyone here lost to Jinteki: PE once they got a Feedback Filter down? I know I haven’t.

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The Jin big box was pretty awesome. The crew that developed it deserve a medal. O&C should revolutionize Weyland and Anarch similary.

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Poor C&C…

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C&C is chock-full of amazing cards for runners, much like H&P is for the corp. When a new player asks me what to buy, my answer is invariably “one core set, one WLA, one C&C”.


What are your thoughts on Chronos Project? You mentioned Kate with LARLA was a problem, would -1 HOK and -1 Gila for +2 Chronos hurt the deck too much?

House of Knives is really good, I wouldn’t go below 3.

Gila Hand Arcology scored early is very nice too. With the Sweeps Week they are less critical so -1 Gila Hand for +1 Chronos Project is a possibility. I wouldn’t play more than 1 Chronos Project since it is meant to be scored late in the game.

Another potent agenda is False Lead.


What about HQ Interface vs. Legwork? What’s your reasoning behind including one of each instead of, say, 2 Legworks?

Both are nice. I tend to prefer HQ Interface over Legwork.

HQ will usually be well protected and the Corp will try to add unrezzed ICE because of Account Siphon. Unless you have all the breakers + a bunch of Datasucker counters and credit, it’s awkward to use legwork with unrezzed ICE on HQ. In contrast it’s safe to play HQ Interface and run. It will actually add pressure for the Corp to spend credit and reveal the ICE on HQ. You can then Special Order the right breaker and run again.

HQ interface also works well with Sneakdoor Beta.

I used to play with 2 HQ Interface and 0 Legwork. The problem is NEH with a scored Astroscript. Even with a strong R&D lock they can still Fast Track or draw many cards with Jackson Howard to break the lock. Legwork is really good in such cases.

It actually happened round 5 at Worlds. My opponent scored 2 Astroscript ridiculously early (like turn 4). I managed to stabilise and establish a R&D lock with Medium and steal some Agendas. At some point he drew a bunch of cards with Jackson breaking the lock. Hopefully I had HQ Interface on the table and Legwork in hand. This enabled a 4 cards access to get the Project Beale he managed sneak though the lock.


I have won multiple games vs feedback filter with PE, but, you know, I do not kill runner pretty often.

Well, you’re not even playing the same deck :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yep, just wanted to point that this archetype is not unique inside of this identity.

Here’s my current list.

Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers
49 cards
Influence: 15/15
Agenda points: 20

Agenda (10)
1 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Efficiency Committee
3 NAPD Contract
3 Project Vitruvius

ICE (14)
3 Eli 1.0
3 Enigma
1 Rototurret
3 Viktor 2.0
1 Viper
3 Wall of Static

Operation (23)
3 Archived Memories
3 Biotic Labor
3 Blue Level Clearance
3 Hedge Fund
1 Reclamation Order
3 Restructure
1 Reuse•
1 SEA Source••
3 Scorched Earth••••••••••••
2 Subliminal Messaging

Upgrade (2)
2 Panic Button

Panic Button acts as an Off the Grid for HQ. If you have as many credits as the number of cards left in R&D the runner can’t run HQ anymore with Panic Button installed. If he does, just draw your whole deck then Reuse, Biotic Labor 3 times, SEA Source and Scorched Earth 3 times. If you have a scored Efficiency Committee, you can Scorch Earth 4 times (with Archived Memory). Most of the time, the runner is not aware of Panic Button and you just get an easy win. If he knows the trick, then your hand is not runnable anymore hence the HQ “Off the Grid”.

After scoring the Efficiency Committee, you will typically be lower on credits and it will prompt the runner to run. If you have the right pieces in hand (i.e. Reuse, SEA Source, Scorched Earh), Reuse gives enough money to scorch the runner. If he has a Plascrete Carapace, simply use the Efficiency Committee counters to Archive Memory a Scorched Earth #3.

It is quite tedious to actally win with Agenda points if the Runner decides to never run. A possibility is to add 1 Domestic Sleeper to speed thing up. Another possibility is to install 3/2 Agenda on naked remote to force the runner to run.

Andromeda with Security Testing and John Masanori is quite widespread at the moment in Europe. This deck is a good counter. It has a terrible match up against Noise though since there is no influence left for Jackson Howard. Noise can sit back and installs a bunch of Virus until your are milled out. So take it to your local tournaments wisely depending on your meta. :wink:


Why 3 Vitruvius over ABT? Do you normally overscore them? If not, it seems that ABT is objectively better.

its not better in the deck with 14 ices and no jackson.

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It’s an optional trigger.

ofc optional, but in that case its blank agenda here. u may leverage vitruvius better.

If you’re fast-advancing all your agendas then Vitruvius is also blank. I think triggering ABT is more likely than overadvancing Vitruvius.

its clickless archive memories, can be crucial later on. your goal is to kill with scorch, so u may spare two biotics to overadvance vitruvius.

we may agree to disagree, all in all its a matter of playstyle :wink: