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Worlds 2015 - Predictions and Useless Banter to Bide Your Time


RAM/Leela wins the worlds,Kate is dead,PE killed everybody,Blue Sun 7-point combo make it to the final,and NEH right down into the toilet.Call me a dreamer.


Bless your heart you naive, beautiful angel


Fair predictions all around. Could see Kate/RP v Kate/PE in the finals or something like that. Vinegary v Lucas Li, let’s make it happen! Wish I could make it


The only person keeping it from sexy times in the hot tub is you. Much like preventing forest fires.

No love for Nasir? Or the Bagbiter/Game Day Chaos Theory decks? Poor Shapers not named Kate.


i just have to move to the UK in the next week and then can satisfy all the predictions


Some interesting predictions, for sure. Got my fingers crossed for the UK contingent, some rock solid players will be flying over and I wouldn’t put our chances in anyone else’s hands! Given the first time I encountered @vinegarymink was the infamous Manchester regionals, it’s pretty surreal to see him being predicted to win worlds. Surreal, but awesome.

I think the main prediction I don’t agree with is no Weyland in top 16. But I think that’s just wishful thinking rather than reasoned logic. As a Haarpsichord player, seeing a Haarp deck in the top 16 would be good. I’d love to see something wacky up there too, like stealth Hayley or Leela DLR mill (playing against that deck is like being repeatedly slapped in the face and told NO FUN FOR YOU).


Mendax, you take that back.

NEH… hack spit


unfortunately our government has recently tightened up immigration laws, such that we exclude even the highest skilled netrunner players.


Tier 1 visa crackdown is really denying the uk Netrunner teams much needed talent. #ReasonsToNotVoteTory


Are you implying you will not play NEH at worlds? :frowning:


Glacier is my one true love.


It’s so good.


Wow. I thought you’d be on NEH for sure.


Turns out it’s NEH Glacier.
What the fuck is that…


OK,but serious I still don’t think NEH will take the worlds.Put my bet here.


Kinda surprised at people seeing RP as a top contender, when Vinegarymink shifted to NEH for PSI Games, the general match-up versus Noise, and Kate generally being what put RP back in place some time ago. I’ve seen absolutely 0 current RP lists that I would in any way suspect to make top 16.

What’s the secret tech? How’s it gonna work out?


Are you ready for this? So you take NEH… and Caprice and jam them together. BOOM! You got Replicating the Hub (or you might as well take something more classy like Liiga’s Tribal).


Near Earth Perfection!


I think Noise won’t be as popular in this kill-happy meta of ours. He dies pretty easily and that might bring RP back again. Also, RP has shifted to a more rush-like deck.


I love how almost every great nbn archetype boils down to “combine some other factions best cards with nbn’s busted-ass cardpool. Voila, it’s better than anything that whole faction has to offer!”