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Worlds 2015 - Predictions and Useless Banter to Bide Your Time


I still think we see a lot of Noise. He’s too good of a slot machine, and can blow out even the hardest of kill decks.

I think RP’s fine. There will be Crim, it’s still good against that, has tons of ICE that bug the fuck out of Faust decks, and can rush if need be. A scored Nisei MK 2 is still one of the best cards in the game.


A scored Nisei mkII is pretty astounding, but there’s a lot of film critic and employee strike 'round here, which is some pretty serious haterade for RP. Does work a treat against andy and faust-reliant decks, though.

Had a guy tell me the 24/7 News Cycle was going to do… something for RP, but I was never very clear about what that was.


I’m feeling less and less Film Critic, with people subbing it out for anti-kill cards. I like the idea of Employee Strike, especially in Crim. What dex do you see running it? (I’d be running it in Leela, for sure)

Plus, my current RP runs 2 ELP, so, there’s that.


the secret tech is a bunch of runners teching for NEH and HB FA.


I think employee strike’s predominant effect is to slow a corp down so I reckon either a deck that uses it to boost their speed-game or as a tool for an overwhelming late game.


Central time of which country ?


Whichever ones you’ve got :slight_smile:


Employee Strike seems bad when one of the most prominent corps, regardless of ID, will be running two or three 2/1 agendas. NEH doesn’t need the card draw. It would stink for Haarps a bit, but they have the 2/1 thing going for them.

If you can stick both Emp. Strike and a Clot, maybe you’ll put them pretty far behind.

ETF can survive without the free credit. It’s not ideal, but it doesn’t shut down their game plan.

I wouldn’t run it at Worlds, but interested in hearing someone defend it in their deck.


This is a legit point in the competitive meta: it’s hard to know how to flex to cover both these insane 24/7 Butchers and Glaciers. Running ELP seems like great cover, since that’s a good effect anyways.

I’m playing around with employee strike in my Kate and it’s quite popular in Leela/Geist (which since we’re mostly fun near-tier-1 around here nowadays there’s tons of): it’s so far the first runner current that has seemed worth an include.


You can’t let them in here! THEY’LL SEE THE BIG BOARD ;). But more seriously, vs. Haarp it’s there for those turns when you’re trying to close the game out and think you can stick clot.

turning off ETF’s power for even a handful of turns is nice, but not backbreaking. Turning off Blue Sun or RP feels good, man.


This is the biggest ball/ovary buster. Run into a Curtain Wall to get them to rez, then play E. Strike. Hope they didn’t just install an agenda.


I’m now running medium again in my criminal decks, so… yeah. Parlay that willingness to spend low to lock them in to never having money or agendas from R&D again :).


Question about worlds, and apologies in advance if it’s been asked elsewhere: what’s the approximate scheduling for Sunday? My friends and I are planning a superbowl-style party to watch the stream, so it’d be helpful for logistics to know around when semifinals start and when finals ended last year.


I have zero clue, but I just wanna say this is really cool to hear.


Rough streaming times Here


Thank you! For others’ future reference, here is a more direct source for the times:


NEH,Never Enough Hate


Make sure to serve chips, and make some overt reference to them being memory chips or something


yeah, I think it’s obvious that basically everything in your life will have to be some kind of pun for the duration of the netrunner worlds party


With 3 hours of elimination rounds before that.


Did someone forget to tell themselves that its 40 minute elim rounds now?