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Worlds 2016 - Legend of the Threepeat

Well, this blows. I forgot about registration tonight. I guess that means I have to hope some of the reserved tickets weren’t claimed on the 19th.

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They screwed up registration again, and mentioned something about a 4th wave.

Good God I hope so! The sad thing is that I’ve been ready to check out twice and been unable to because of various reasons. The first being the issue with the ticketing system, and the second being that I was taken away from my computer before I could enter my credit card on second wave.

We back baby, let’s make this the jam of the year


From the FFGOP email newletter:

One last-chance wave on Friday 8/19 at 12 PM CDT.

Also, whether you made it through or not, you probably had some sort of registration issue. FFG would like you to fill out this form so they can understand what went wrong and how to fix it in the future:

I think conventions might be too expensive a venue to secure for this type of thing. If people were able to throw money at FFG they’d probably move to a bigger arena, but it’s not like magic or anything, you know? They should make some draft exclusive cards and really push the format in my opinion, draft is THE BEST.

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I forgot to add a link to the article describing what they are doing about Worlds issues, and the form to fill out for reporting those. This has been corrected. See top of original post.

Tomorrow will be the last day to fill out the form for reporting your issues with registration . See the top post for a link to the article for this and the form.

Triple post here, but the FAQ and whatnot have been updated for the new versions released a couple of days ago. I’m kind of slacking here. Sorry it wasn’t day-of.

Additional information on the Second Chance Registration has been added, with an example of the email FFG sent at the bottom of the post.

Minor information and a link to the King of Servers 2016 thread has also been added. Just as a reminder, peoples should send me any info on their side events!


Added @JoelCFC25’s map to the main post. Thanks for the map, Joel!

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Do we know if the ‘3 Swiss Rounds’ on the second day of Netrunner is a graduated cut like at Gencon?

Also, any estimates on when day 1’s tourney will end? I’d love to be able to join the Thrones draft tourney at 5pm, but I’m guessing that won’t be possible.

Nope. No idea at this point. I would assume so, seeing as that seems more efficient, but not sure. There is also no way in all Nine Hells that it will end anywhere close to 5:00PM.

Also, any estimates on when day 1’s tourney will end? I’d love to be able to participate in the top 16 for thrones.

Fixed it for you. (it will probably end at like 8 pm like gencon did)

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I’m going to the Wolves game that TUE. Want me to get a group again?


I’m sure some of the UK posse will be up for a jolly outing

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Any chance a weary traveler from Austria might hitch a ride from Chicago to Minneapolis?
Will obviously share gas expenses, but in return please don’t murder me.
(Still looking for a flight to Minneapolis but they are $300 more expensive than to Chicago)


I think @anon50033301 is from Chicago. He may know someone who can help if you give him the $1 scoops on the continental players.

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Does anyone know for sure which datapacks will be legal for worlds, yet?

Second question: I’m going to be on vacation in san francisco the week before (22.10.-28.10.)
Any players there, who are willing to do a few games with the german - and probably a few drinks afterwards :wink:
PM me if you’re interested and/or know someone from SF