Worlds 2016 Report - by Worlds Champ Chris Dyer

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Still faster than Dan XP


The best article I’ve ever read on this forum. Thank you @Nemamiah; I’ve been playing CTM ever since you won Worlds, and literally haven’t stopped (even though I should have pivoted decks long ago)

I actually read it now. Good work. Looking forward to seeing you and all your Countrymen in a few weeks.

Excellent write up, enjoyed the running Hoyland joke. I hope it goes some way to making you top Chris Dyer on Google. In being only 11 months late I’m pretty sure this article only strengthens your position as better than Dan.


Oh man, Dyer is #teamcat??? I know Dan is too, has there ever been a #teamdog champ?


Great read, thanks for sharing !
Inspiring to get back to Netrunner and finally play some offline games (which I’ve not done since last year French national, to give an idea…).

Good luck for this year.

Good write up! You do pretty good with the wordings of sentences. 7/7 would read again.

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Great write up, very cool of him to take the time.

Very nice read !

I have some questions (probably obvious but I am new to the game):

Aaron gently asked if I thought I could still make the cut, and I said that I thought 13-5 and a good strength of schedule would be okay so I was going to play the next game.

Why wouldn’t you want to play the second game?

"If I lose the first game I’m going to concede the second one”. I had already mentally decided that I would do the same, but didn’t want to risk the wrath of tournament judges so just nodded my head.

Why are you risking the wrath of the tournament judges?

Good luck in two weeks !

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