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Wrocław, Hall of Games, 15.11.2014

Time for another big tournament in Wrocław

Organizers: game shop planszóweczka.pl, Wrocław Netrunner community

Where and When: Centennial Hall Wrocław, Hall of Games fair, Sat 15.11.2014. Signups start at 10:00, first round starts at 11:00

Tournament format: 5-6 Swiss rounds (depending on number of players), no elimination rounds

Card pool: will be announced 10 days before the tournament, most likely everything up to Up and Over datapack

Rules: FFG tournament rules (Competitive Event level), Android: Netrunner rulebook together with latest FAQ

Signup fee: tournament participation is free of charge. Players have to pay Hall of Games admission fee, which is 10-15zł (Saturday only) or 25-35zł (3-day pass, has to be preordered, I will post detailed info on how to do this soon)

Signups: if you plan to come, please let us know by sending an email to jacek.wieszaczewski/@/gmail.com - knowing estimated number of players will make it way easier to prepare the place


  • Planszóweczka.pl gift cards (total worth 450zł)
  • 3 Netrunner Tournament kits
  • 27 copies of Corporate Troubleshooter promo card
  • some other things leftover from previous events
    Exact prizes distribution will be announced later. General rule: 75% to top players, 25% to be drawn amongst other players. Each player will get at least one promo card (there will be over 100 of them and all will be given out).
    Additional special prize: 3 top players from countries that did not have a Nationals 2014 tournament receive alt art Noise promo.

Other attractions:

  • Hall of Games (http://hallofgames.pl) - 3-day big gaming fair for gamers of all kinds, computer games tournaments, boardgaming room with over 500 games available (including many Essen 2014 games), cosplay, …
  • tournament afterparty: Saturday from 20:30, place will be announced later.
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11 days left till the tournament, time for more details.

  1. Cards allowed: everything up to (and including) Up and Over. All That Remains might arrive in time, but it might not as well and even if it does many people probably will not get it in time.

  2. Prizes. We have quite a lot of those, more than I initially thought :slight_smile: In total: over 100 promo cards, 4 playmats, 4 deckboxes, Planszóweczka gift cards (the shop will be present on site so people from other cities will be able to use those instantly if they want to). Prize pool will be divided into three main parts:
    • For top 10 players: Corporate Troubleshooter promo for every player, additionally one prize to choose (the winner chooses first, then the other players according to places they took). The prize pool is: 3 Planszóweczka gift cards (200zł, 150zł, 100zł), 3 promo cards (2x Datasucker, 1x Jinteki Personal Evolution), 2 playmats (Deep Red, Project Vitruvius), 2 deckboxes (NBN, Criminal)
    • For players ranked 11th-20th: Corporate Troubleshooter promo for every player, additionally pool of 6 prizes to be drawn randomly among the players (max one prize per player). Prize pool is: 2 deckboxes (Jinteki, Anarch), 2 promo cards (Datasucker, HB Engineering the Future), 1 playmat (Planned Assault), 1 Planszóweczka gift card (50zł)
    • For players ranked 21st and below: pool of 11 prizes to be drawn amongst players (max 1 prize per player): 8 promo cards (7x Corporate Troubleshooter, 1x HB Engineering the Future, 1x Datasucker), playmat (Project Vitruvius), Planszóweczka gift card (50zł)
    • Additionally, for 3 highest ranked players from countries that did not have Nationals level tournament this year, Noise promo card
    • To be given out amongst all participants: around 80 promo cards (Adonis Campaign, Aesop’s Pawnshop, Wyldside) Language versions: Corporate Troubleshooters, Deep Red and some Aesop’s English, the rest Polish.

  3. Timetable: we play 6 rounds Swiss, no double elimination, time limit 65 minutes for round
    • 10:00: Hall of Games opens, sign up starts
    • 11:00 first round starts (a round will start from then on around each 75-80 minutes)
    • Approx. 16:10: round 4 ends, break
    • 16:40: round 5 starts
    • Approx 19:15: tournament ends, prizegiving
    • 20:30: afterparty (pub Przekręt, Plac Grunwaldzki, around 1,5 km from Centennial Hall

  4. Signup: on site, though I’d appreciate if you let me know before so I know how many tables should be ready for you (thanks to guys from Zielona Góra who already did this). Take a decklist with you, they will be collected on signup. Remember, that if you want to have 3-day Hall of Games pass, you need to preorder it online (at http://www.ebilet.pl/szukaj.php?t=t&tid=15495)

  5. Afterparty: please let me know if you’re going to be there so I can book enough tables :slight_smile: