Yet another reason to attend the New York City Regionals

We’re super-excited about the 2016 New York Regionals, organized by the Uncommons and hosted by the NYU Game Center! We have commissioned the almighty Emilio Rodriguez to illustrate an alt-art card for the event. All tournament attendees will receive this special Palana Foods:

Of course, such a beautiful piece of art will be wasted on just an alt-art card. So we put it on a playmat as well!

We are going to randomly hand out four of these during the tournament. You don’t have to make it to elimination for a chance to win a playmat!

Additionally, we are going to sell these throughout the event. Supply is limited, so you can secure your own here: Note that this is a tournament-specific item, so you can only pick it up there.

Just a reminder, RSVP fee for the tournament is $15 ($20 door fee). You can RSVP here: Hurry and RSVP now as pre-registration will end one week before the event.


That is fantastic! Out of curiosity (for those of us who have never commissioned art before), how much did that cost?

The standard rate seems to be $200, though some artists are more expensive. You can find non-NR artists for cheaper, but we really wanted an established name and style (you see this is Rodriguez from the illustration). I’m going to get Emilio Rodriguez’s permission and then write a short article about the whole process. This was super-fun :slight_smile:


Make sure to give me full çredit for the idea


Maybe I could make it to NYC. :neutral_face:

Im gonna skip the dragon boat festival in China to come to NYC! better make sure I will be one of that random lucky four! :triumph:


Man this wish post works!!
I actually did win the mat lottery as the first lucker :triumph:!!!

Wonderful regionals, who could have guessed that people in NYC are actually very nice :smiley: