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Deck Archetypes

This category is for meatier discussions on various deck archetypes.
Only mods and users with trust level 3 (this is hard to get) or higher can create new archetypes.

Netrunner General

Post up anything Netrunner related that does not belong in another category.

Tournaments and Events

Post up announcements for any upcoming tournaments or events as well as tournament reports, analysis and discussion.


Discuss articles posted to StimHack.com. Also used for any suggestions or discussion on the site itself.


Post up decklists and discuss them here.

Alternative Formats

Discussion on any Netrunner alternative format goes here.

Site Meta

Discussion on the forums itself. Rules, questions, category discussion, improvements and suggestions.


Post and discuss Netrunner streams here.


This category is for all OCTGN related discussions.

New Cards and Spoilers

This category is for spoilers and discussion on new cards.

Video and Podcasts

This category is for the posting of any videos and podcasts.

Rules Questions

Category for rules questions.

Other Games

A category for non-Netrunner games.


This subforum is a place to discuss all things regarding jinteki.net, an online A:NR gaming platform. The only threads that don't belong here are bug reports, which should be posted straight to the project's bug tracker instead.

Diversity Questions & Issues

This category is for discussing issues of diversity, representation, and inclusiveness in our community. Please refer to the “increasing diversity” thread herein for the code of conduct.

NISEI Discussion

For feedback on the NISEI effort from members of the community at large.