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A Public Statement Concerning Recent Events


I dunno, I feel like his position on it is pretty clear; he wrote his exact feelings on it. Fishing for a more clearly damning statement on it isn’t really furthering the discussion, imo.


If I understand correctly Tol, he is saying that he wasn’t aware of exactly what data was being gathered. It sounds like he is saying that he thought the script was analysing the published lists of the group of prominent players. So not really a point about justifying the process itself, rather to explain his own personal level of culpability (or lack of) in preventing/avoiding the use of the data.


If that’s the case, then I am completely happy with his position.


Bros before nos.


See, it’s THIS rationale that drives me crazy. If you guys seemed more contrite, I’d totally be fine accepting that we all make mistakes. But it sounds like some of you are contrite not because what you did was wrong, but because it didn’t even help.

If you point a gun at a bank teller demanding all her money, only to realize you only got $5, you’ve still committed bank robbery. Asking for forgiveness only because you were unsuccessful makes your motives doubly corrupt, and it’s that that I can’t forgive.


I don’t think you are understanding. Different people in that group had EXTREMELY varying levels of involvement. What nobo is saying is, he gained no advantage, because he was not only not looking at the lists, he wasn’t even playing Netrunner.