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Archived Memories: Toward an ANR Community Reading List


Yeah, one interesting thing about Autonomous is that although I was generally concerned about everyone’s predicaments, the bots ended up being the only ones whom I felt invested in as people. I don’t know whether that was deliberate or not, but in any case Paladin’s exploration of gender identity is definitely a high point.

I’m still processing Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful. Overall I certainly enjoyed it; the worldbuilding was imaginative, the body horror appropriately creepy, and I thought the Alexios and Jake stories were particularly interesting character studies. But the storylines, while engaging, mostly felt pretty formulaic.


Slightly off-topic, but nonetheless interesting: Today I heard a radio feature about the “Museum of Malware”. They said, in the early days, the 80s and 90s, Virus were more of an art form to use computers in a non-conformant way, to make jokes, to stretch the boundaries of what is possible with virusses. Today, the reporter said, using a virus is totally a monetary thing. Yeah, Crims are better these days than Anarchs or Shapers :slight_smile:


About Solar Punk:
The Weight of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures consists of 4 shortstories each accompanied by essays about the technologies and societal mechanisms featured in these stories. The stories themselves are categorized into urban and rural, big and small. A great concept to highlight the issues and themes we are facing with climate change in the 21st century. Here’s a HTML-Version you can read online.


Hongkongkoma that looks really interesting.


Not really literature, but an NBN associate told me to share this link to a russian startup that will have CubeSats in space as orbital billboards: https://startrocket.me
Stratosphere advertisements for Diesel™, yay!


That website is so NBN, it doesn’t even know it. I’d rather not see Local-Cola advertising in the sky…but I won’t doubt it when it happens.


Is it possible for someone to consolidate all the suggestions made into a master post, so that we can quickly see what have been suggested and go down the list if we want?


Here ya go!

Should be open to edit, comment, and all that other stuff. I haven’t scrolled all the way up this forum page, but here’s the last few recommendations from myself and others.