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Aumakua and Indexing

In french, “or” takes precedence over “and”. The order of propositions is important. Not sure in english.
If you say in french “for breakfast I’d have baguette or croissant and coffee”, you will be brung either croissant or baguette then coffee because your listener will add mentally a comma after the first or group.
If you say in french “for breakfast I’d have coffee and baguette or croissant”, this is ambiguous because your listener can’t place that comma and you risk to be served coffee and baguette. Or a croissant with no coffee. Or coffee and croissant.
It’s not the first time they have a comma problem (exemple : Door to door).

Regular rules never forbid a trigger to not happen.
“Card text takes precedence over rules” blablabla

If something say expose and trash, then both happens and that forbid Aumakua to trigger in my opinion.

It’s a very valid question to ask in the rule thread, I’ll paste the question there.