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Buy a 3rd Core or Datapacks/Expansions?

Hello all, netrunner player who is somewhat new to the game looking for advice.

I currently own the following:
Core 2x
What Lies Ahead
Cyber Exodus
Opening Moves
Double Time
Order and Chaos.

Im torn on whether I should buy a 3rd core or all the datapacks/expacs first and then a 3rd core.

Or , should I skip the 3rd core?

Do you guys think 3x san san is still going to be worth running when clot comes out?

The only other cards I can think of that would make a 3rd core worth buying are maybe ?Desperado and Grimoire, but how much of a difference in consistency does +1 copy bring?

I have heard some people saying that FFG is going to print a revised core set in 2017-2018, thats why I have held off until now.

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