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Codex by David Sirlin

How long does each game take with this? 15, 30, 45, 60 mins? More?

I played the PnP copy once with @sneakysly at Worlds. It’s a good game and I kickstarted the Core set with only one play. And I say that even though I’m not much of a Sirlin fan, though I understand that opinion might get me beaten up on here so I won’t say more.

Codex I think punishes you for not knowing/tracking your opponent’s cards very well-- and with so many cards being played it’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed (analysis paralysis).

Sirlin did a great job making an RTS-type game. I think he oversells the “fog of war” aspect, but the patroling mechanic is interesting and makes for clever decisions.


First Purple spec just got revealed.

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Second to last reveal.

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In the comments for the Kickstarter, there’s a “Jorgen Grondal” also from Norway, doing one of the group buys to Sweden, maybe you could get in on that if you post there.

EDIT: I really like this game BTW. I like Netrunner a lot but I get frustrated with the designs of a lot of cards where they’re only good against one deck and you have useless garbage in your deck in other matchups, as with most CCGs. Codex is kind of between there and a board game so it’s a breath of fresh air.

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I’ve played this game and it’s really good, I definitely recommend it. It’s basically the best parts of Magic and Dominion combined.


I might just do that, thanks! Now I’m a bit sad that I didn’t know of this earlier - I’m not buying the deluxe without playing the game, even if I really want it. Core is still an option!

The Protoss, I mean future spec, is here!

Can’t do the fancy image thing from my iPad, sorry.

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I’m looking at the print’n’play option - does anybody know how many sheets I’m looking at?

The Starter is 14 sheets, and I’m guesstimating 10 sheets for a full faction, plus about 6 sheets for the generic components (no tokens, though).

I played a ton on Tabletop Simulator over the weekend with a friend.

The game is really interesting, and hard. The learning curve is really steep. I’m looking forward to playing more.


I played a few games with @bluebird503 over the weekend and had a blast! Definitely going to be printing out print and play versions until the physical copies arrive.

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You don’t find TTS to be a better way to play than printing out? I think it would be cool if there were a community to play with on TTS.

Looks like another great game with no one to play it with :confused:


I just don’t have TTS yet, I might try that out.

do i understand correctly, that eventually along the road, i can buy expansions and have all the stuff from deluxe set? i found it hard to justify paying deluxe price, yet wanna collect all cards if game will be worth it.

Yes, I believe you could just get the core set now and then eventually the other factions will be released in expansions.

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All of the game cards, yes. (Starter + Core + 2x Expansions) However, the Collectors edition comes with Map cards (for variant play) that won’t be available anywhere else. Also, I’m not sure if the custom tokens will ever be printed outside of the Kickstarter. I haven’t done that much research.

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So I pledged for the deluxe set, because I’m dumb. I’ve played almost a dozen games on TTS so far and the game is fun. Let me know if you’d like to play.


How deep is it compared to netrunner? I tried the starter set yesterday, and I’m not sure how I liked it. I think it might be good, lots of decisions, but it was hard to see how those decisions affected the game. Like, I teched for Harmony one game and it fizzled vs the bashing units, and the other game I almost managed to turn around with Final Smash but got overrun by vituosos.

It hints at hidden depths, especially in 3v3, but it’s hard to know. I want to print out the entire set, but that’s not free and quite a bit of work.

You mind showing it to me sometime?